New video mini-update


Hey ho people, new WH video update with an actor is up :slight_smile: I guess WH listens to community, as they are releasing kind of “mini-updates” with actors, as this is currently area where they can give us new info.


and still no release on this video either


I’ll save you future disappointments, you can’t expect release date in a small unimportant videoupdate like that. They will most likely announce it together with release of a new trailer.

Anyway, I wonder what’s the point of releasing footage with a dog companions when it was announced there won’t be any in the final game. I guess WH have a fetish for confused and angry people in the forums… :flushed:


Even though the dog companion won’t be in the game. It does not mean that there will be no dogs at all :smiley:
The part you are talking about is actual footage from the game.


Ah ok, it definitely looks like they are following Henry and waiting for his orders though.


Umm. No. That was Hans Capon. The viewer is following this minor noble and watching his dogs follow him. Did you completely miss the point of the video update? Astounding attention to detail.


I hope they are planning something to do with animation blending