New Video Special - Bohemian Symphony


The art of creating music


Is it wild boar on the left? 4:39


yes, there are many wild boars in the forests


Played this on repeat quite a few times… Already. This is some awesome work, I’m very impressed with Jan Valta’s work and the way in which the triggers for the different landscapes work.

Will we be able to buy the symphonic soundtrack separately, or is it only going to be available in the Collector’s Edition?


Music is great. And have you seen the combat action from 3:52? Especially I really like short sequence at 4:09 … this is VERY believable!


Regarding the monastery shown in the video… will there be a photo mode of the game? Something that would work like pressing F3 in AC: Origins? It would definitely help the whole game… the environs might be quite good to photograph - and even more without the ugly guy, his weapon and other interface… :wink:


As for HUD, it might be able to mod out, if developers don’t let players option to turn it off as they are definitely able to. And you can take screenshots through Steam and share them easily. There are even free programs to take in game pictures of same quality.


Got to say the game looks really good in this . better than I have seen it looking so far.

The video just shows yet another layer of dedication and love that has gone into crafting this game. GJ warhorse.

I feels o dirty singing the praises of this game. I’m a fooking cynical person . now I gotta diss it somehow to balance out shit. stupid title.


Wow the music in the end gave me goosebumps. The game is looking better and better in each new video.


i love more more and more this game, greatz


The music is awesome.