Newbie, need help with weapon

So, I’ve played for a few hours last weekend, tried training with Bernard, and trained, and trained, and still I got no better; my timing sucks, he just block everything I trow at him, and then beats the crap out of me with his own combos, and I can block one hit maximum, the rest just end up hitting me; So I switched to mace and shield, and I found a good way to win fights with my bad skills and timing, I just rush my opponent, get into a clinch (I have the perk which give me 40% chance to win the clinch), and if I win the clinch, I have a window to actually strike and HIT my opponent for a chance, so I go for the head, and one, two hits maximum and I win the fight; I’ve been able to beat even Bernard with this tactic, I’ve used it with great success against a camp of cumans; given the fact that I was having trouble with bandit camp, and it took me about 20 minutes to kill the bandit leader, I say this tactic is working very good for me; but the combat is not very rewarding just spamming the clinch and head strike, the devs should have thought that not everybody is skillful at this kind of games, and they should have added a freaking difficulty setting; in could go like this, on easier settings you would have more time for perfect block, riposte, the enemy could have slower timing, and on higher difficulties, this could be reversed, so you would have to be very quick to be effective; the question is why the hell is there no difficulty setting?; who would it bother? if your good, you could just turn up the difficulty; and it would give us, the less skillful players (and as i’ve seen, there are many complaints about the difficulty) some way to actually enjoy the combat system without finding some cheesy way(like the clinch spam) to cope with it!

One quick way to up some stats is to fight Bernard Unarmed. Just quick jab him in the face and close on him, and get that skill that gives you better odds in a clinch asap… that will bump up your strength and agility and warfare really fast… then do the sword stuff with higher stats. It makes it easier.

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I have 8 defense, 11 sword, 10 warfare and 8 mace; I know I’m not maxed out, but I’m just in the beginning of game, I don’t think its a good idea to have a game were you have to be maxed out to be good in the beginning of the game; the problem I see with the game from a combat perspective, is that the game doesn’t have good scaling; peasants with crappy axes beat you up so badly in the beginning, and in the end(from what i’ve heard) you just one shot everybody, even heavily armored veteran knights; In my humble opinion, the game need a bit of scaling and a difficulty setting, it would benefit the low skilled player and the the high skilled players as well

pin him in a corner and it’s non-stop savage beating and XP time.

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That how I killed runt…and a little rage potion…

It’s not that I can’t increase my stats guys, that’s easy, just spar with Bernard, clinch stun-lock him in the corner and wach my stats get better; its the actual fighting, timing blocking, riposting, etc. that is hard for me; i’ve got decent stats, but still get beat up except when using the clinch stun-lock tactic :slight_smile:

are you on PC? If so are mods ok?

Look up on Nexus the mod “Robin hood” I think among some other features a boost to your combat Viability such as less stamina consumption, faster stam regen, bigger jump in stam at level up
The older file one. This might help you last longer to get in a good hit.

I bought Kingdom Come for Ps4,so…

Have you got a decent PC?
Less problems on it, faster patches, and Loads of mod on nexus.
KCD is selling at a 25% discount now I saw on you tube.