Newbie, need help with weapon

Hi guys, gonna make this brief; I bought Kingdom Come for Ps4(because I like historical accuracy, and not because it’s hard, cuz I don’t like hard games), been playing the last weekend for some hours, got to rattay, did the mission were you get a horse; currently hunting bandits for ct. Bernard; so I want to build Henry with the following: heaviest armor(plate), combat(either mace and shield or longsword), bow, and speech; currently sword level is 8, mace 0, because I wanted to go with longsword; I’m thinking of switching to mace and shield because I don’t like the idea of slashing plate armor with a sword; now, I don’t have a lot of time, only play in the weekends, I am not good at this type of game, were you have to have good timing, I am terrible at this and my reaction time is very slow; so what is easier to learn and us? mace and shield, or longsword, cuz currently, I suck badly with the longsword, I don’t plan on using a lot of combos, so that is why I was thinking of switching to a mace and shield; however some people say that mace is too slow, and that eventually you can get really good with a longsword through practice, but as I’ve told you, I pretty much suck at timing; also people say that mace and shield will deplete your stamina much quicker; So what do you think is the best weapon for me to use given the fact that I suck so much at timming, and I don’t have a lot of time to practice?; Thank you!

Safest bet in my book is the axe.
I know you didnt suggest them but is has both blunt and slash damage and some have even stab damage.

You fuck up the easy non armor ones and do good damage to plate guys.
I never use combos just make sure you get all the training done with robard.
Keep close eye on your stamina.
Do 2 or 3 attacks then hang back recharge and back at it

Also, aother thing I forgot, people also say that combos are harder to do with a shield, but why would I not have a shield if the came is held in one hand? also I want more protection, so I think of keeong the shield;

Thank you for the reply, but I also don’t find hacking at plate armor with an axe is very appealing either :slight_smile:

Yes but it is 3ffective.and in combination with a good shield you can do lots of damage.
Just get yourself a couple weapons and try it.

Or you can train fight with all the weapons with robard to test what suits you

Thanks, but I’ll stick to a mace; so what about the shield, does it slow you down? can you still perform combos with it? is it of any use? I would like the mace and shield combination, but only if its effective

Basically you have answered your own question.
You don’t want to slash at armour.

Well that leaves blunt weapons.

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Short Answer
Sword - fast, light damage, good against lightly armored opponents.
Axe - middle, medium damage, good against both light and heavy armor.
Mace - slow, heavy damage, good against heavily armored opponents.

Longer Answer

  • I like the sword for technical fighting…combos and parrying is fun, and 1v1 duels really let the combat system shine. As in real life, however, they aren’t very effective against plate armor…you’re going to waste a lot of time trying to tire out your enemy so you can hurt them.
  • The mace can absolutely crush your enemies…if you can hit them. If they aren’t slow, they’re just going to evade and whittle you down. It will take time and training to be effective with maces, but it is very satisfying to crush a fully armored opponent’s skull in one swing.
  • The axe provides good middle ground. It is faster than the mace, but deals more damage than the sword. For that reason, it is a good weapon to use against a mix of heavy and light armored opponents. It’s sharp enough to cut, but heavy enough to crush.

Skyrim Answer
So, you favor the heavy weapons? I’m an axe man, myself.

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Although I haven’t used one on my first play through, I’ve heard lots of good things about the war hammer, most especially against plate. I think they’re pretty costly, but I’ll probably try it in a subsequent play through.

Mace/Warhammer skill is nice, but the most difficult to raise. Training with Bernard, you’ll use clubs. Unlike wooden swords, these can do significant damage, and training sessions will be brief with either you or Bernard having to stop from wounds. Bring a lot of health potions along, and remove any armor you don’t want destroyed.

Otherwise, if you’re high in skill level, you’ll be 1-3 shotting most opponents by the end regardless of the weapon type (as long as you’re using the best variant of that weapon).

For me, the best weapon (on my first and only complete play through so far) was yew bow and better piercing arrow. One shot to the head (including the big bad boss in Prybislavitz) and move on. BUT - for me, the game isn’t about combat, but exploration. I just wanted to kill the bad guys, get some loot, and get on with my travels.
Like I said, though, next play through I’ll probably try a different approach.

I have St. Georges a sword which being a long sword obviate the lack of a shield.
I have moved to a ceremonial mace with Bain poison and a Bouche(sp?) shield with 150 defense.
I also have the perks that add damage and weapon quality. Also I have raised my strength to the point I do 106 blunt dmg. Mace/heavy Warhammer may take more doing but IMHO worth it.
I also do go with a bow when I am in the mood for some sniping.
A powerful bow and better piercing arrow does wonder for clearing an unsuspecting bandit/cuman camp from a hidden and or high sniping spot.

To me seems kinds dumb game wise historically to go after a plate wearing warrior with a sword. The game play isn’t accurate it enough to attack the weak points of the armor ( the armpits, back of the knee, crotch, elbow joint).

So I should just go forward with the longsword then?; I guess there isn’t any weapon that makes combat easier is there?

The weapon is called skill. It makes it all easier.


yea man, thanks, but the whole post was about me not being very skillful and not having enough time; the question was what weapon type requires the LEAST amount of skill to properly use

Henry is a terrible, awful potato at everything until you put in the effort to improve him. He’s almost literally never touched a weapon before you get a hold of him. In my opinion, this would be an easier point to convey if he looked 14, instead of 23, but that removes the immediate option for romance in the gameplay.

As to your question, the bow is the one weapon that requires the least amount of skill to use effectively. It’s easy to get your skill up above 5, at which point you don’t need bracers anymore to prevent you from injuring yourself (again, because you are an awful potato of a person with zero combat skills). The bow will allow you to cheap-shot your way through the game, avoiding the time and effort required to learn how to effectively use a weapon. Just be prepared to run away, or better yet ride away, to get out of melee range.

If you still want to use a melee weapon, I will repeat my earlier advice of using an axe with a shield for a good all-round weapon that doesn’t require decent timing or combos.


you want easier? : Witcher 3. Honestly and non snarking. Learn and earn.
Take the game at a slow pace and enjoy it as you get to be a better potato

Not having enough time only means that you can enjoy the game for so much longer. Why the rush?

Least amount of skill for someone who doesn’t have time to learn and be good.
The bow.
You can run away. Get a shot in. Repeat.

A lot of times.
That way you can extend one fight to a whole nights gameplay. What’s not to like.

Once you find the light sabre, everything will look bright.