Next Game or DLC: Roleplay options

Next game, or maybe some DLC that allows the player at any time to change
Henrys future. ie to play as a bandit, etc. It’d be good to have an option
early in the game to join a bandit group, and take on the life of a thief
rather than following the main story line. This would give the game a lot
more longegivity, and allow options on each successive play through.

I’ve already played through it 4 times, just finishing up a 5th, and I loved
them all, but it’s getting a little thin now. Being able to play in
other roles would be great fun.

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My 2 cents.

They need to start with a new character. That starts in a way that allows him the potential and makings in the beginning to go one of two ways before they get to a cross roads. Someome more likely to be believed when pursuing the dark arts if you get me, or deciding to be just.

Henry was a fun character, a likeable goofball. Even when using the bad guy options it felt strange because of the voice/accent and his character in the beginning.

I have the makings of a solid backstory for a character written down in my head. One that can flow either way. I think it will be a very interesting start to the game. Perhaps will forward on to Chris.

On my 5th play through. I decided to try to play the entire game away from the main story as a bandit,
however your options are severely limited. It’s not like you can go join a bandit ground, and we should
have a quest line to allow for those sorts of options. DLC could do that. Currently, I havn’t touched
the main quest, but roleplaying a bandit is very much an isolated game. Shame it wasn’t thought of.