Next-gen technology and the future of KC:D

Well, looks like we might actually get our beta forests back, in Kingdom Come 3 I bet, coming 2027

Seriously though, this is insane. Imagine the advances that can be made in other places, now that devs won’t have to worry so much about optimising their levels, imagine all the time saved. If UE5 is as awesome as shown, I predict a very interesting decade for video games…


yeah you’re naive as hell if you’re still looking at tech demos like that and thinking it’s possible in real time

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work in real time… if we take a look at the whole demo,

we see that there is no ai to speak of, lots of scripted events, closed environments, all running on a (I assume) decent machine (the ps5). It would actually be embarrassing if they weren’t able to run it. Because don’t forget, we already have games that look almost this good from five years ago (The Star Wars Battlefront reboots), albeit with lower texture resolutions.


I think they would stick with same engine they have been modifying for years. And also, the forests from beta are really bad joke. There were more trees and some effects changed for better.

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The forests and vegetation from the beta version were much better without any doubt, they looked realistic.

Can someone PLEASE just fix the forests for this guy, he’s been posting about it for years :smile:


Only 2 years)

easy just add more undergrowth in the forests, ie more shurbs, thickets, etc, that’s the only difference. but it’ll make the horse get stuck a lot while traveling inside forests(rather than in forest trails)

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