Next Video Update for Backers?


I know that @DrFusselpulli hates to be asked this but… I would just like a rough estimate on when a new video update will be released. This year or next year? If you wouldn’t mind, I would also like to ask what are you going to cover? I mean… What else is there to cover? There doesn’t seem to be anything all that new from last update c:


You know, there is nothing all that new about superhero action movies, and still new ones are being made …


I imagine that there could be one video update left, for the game going gold and almost being released.


It is only a matter of days :slight_smile:
And the next video update will not be about the combat system.


I guess it will be about atmosphere. D. Vavra posted some pictures of sunset and dark on twitter. He was previously happy to speak about the realistic shadows.


This forum sometimes :smile:


There is one topic that hasn’t been covered yet in a (standalone) video that we were already promised - music. However, Vavra has mentioned on twitter that they are working on a video about bugs, so we will see.


Check this :slight_smile:


30-90 days I presume? :stuck_out_tongue:


Little interview with dan in Czech language from 2 weeks ago:

They have fixed 32 000 bugs. There are still hundreds of ‘must fix’ bugs remaining. it is still a hard job. They fix one bug and another two appear afterwards… The game seems to take 3x more time for players than expected.

What has been the biggest problem this week?
The game crashes sometimes. We work on bunch of things… I personally focus on tweaking combat and horse riding controls. We are trying to improve dialog animations… a lot of smaller things that we can manage to improve. We are balancing quests… tweaking numbers to make them as enjoyable as possible

Nothing new is being added. It is mostly about fixing bugs.


Yeah, I have seen this. However, the update could be about actual recording of the music and sounds. We already got little tidbits from orchestra recording, and we’ve heard the stories how their sound designer never uses libraries and always records everything himself (like being ready on a party to record his puking coleages etc. :smiley: ). Seems like a great material for a video update to me. :wink:


How do you mean this? For finishing the game? That is great news.

Didnt know there are that many bugs left. No wonder they are already working on the day one patch.


Around Christmas, you bet! :wink:


It is totally understandable that @warhorse will have their hands full of fixing bugs. With that kind of game, with open world and various quest solutions you can expect tons of bugs, gamebreaking at that. Not speaking of hundreds of clipping, textures, etc. In my opinion, very serious beta testing should be done before reaching “Gold” status.

And that’s where we came in, original Kickstarter backers. We will be glad to help @warhorse with bug reports, if we get to play parts of the game. In order to not spoil or leak too much, only specific quests can be given for playthrough to specific people, at specific conditions and time. Not an option to play whenever you want, but at some predetermined period, like when Steam makes a game or content free for the weekend. I think a bunch of fresh players can really report more and help before release. Same as Mount & Blade was done in the past.

Frankly, I expect KC:Deliverance to contain bugs and be patched for some time after release. It is normal. But frankly, if time is too short to deliver a playable game, no gamebreaking bugs at least, I will prefer to wait a couple of months more than be disappointed with rushed February release. For a person who waited 4 years, what are 2-3 months more? That is my fair opinion on the bug topic.


No more delays please warhorse


And the next day, the full game will be available everywhere in it´s all over the internet before release.
How would you do that? If you let people just play a specific area you can do two things, lock the area somehow (which means, that everone who knows how games are working can unlock it, with a bit of work), or delete the unnessary content from the game (but if you do that, the game will break).
You can´t expect to cut a game in different parts for testers, that the game will still work.
If that would be the case, we would have had more Beta updates.

Yes, the play time is significant longer than we expected. I am not sure if it is really 3x more, but it is definetely a lot longer.


I love the way the developers just happen to make the game better, bigger and have more features then advertised. These days content gets cut instead of added.

Well done Warhorse Studio!


Game should not be released until bugs are fixed. Take ur time warhorse studios :+1:


NO… Now is the time! 13.02.2018

There isn´t one game on the market without bugs… :smile:


They should aim for it but it would be very hard to achieve a bug free version.

True but a gamebreaking bug will kill the selling of the game.