Nighthawk potion doesnt work inside


Why is it that with a nighthawk potion,you can see in the dark but only outside. For example killed bandit camp at night with the potion sneak kills etc. Then i go into a mine and it is pitch black again?


I think it just gives you the same type of vision you would have during the day. So in a cave where it’s completely dark (even during the day), your vision would reflect that under the influences of the potion.
The potion is meant to enhance your vision by dilating your pupils, allowing more light to enter. If there’s no source of light, your character won’t be able to see. It’s the reason torches and campfires are more intense under the influence of the potion.


Ah great! Thanks for the quick reply. Makes sense that way.:+1:


way to not get all mad about it and write a 3 paragraph response explaining this game is ridiculous and you want your money back :joy:

that explanation does make good sense though


Steve i love this game so much i want to pay again :joy::joy::joy:


if you can get over the bugs and just try to appreciate it it really is great, definitely a game for super fans of the genre more then anyone right now though. I feel bad for people on the fence about it who are having problems and just giving up on WH; if they make it we’re gonna have some awesome games coming out in the near future


Yes i feel for the people who are having a bad experience too.
Wh is working hard and only has so much people available for certain jobs.


I guess I am lucky the only thing I would consider a bug I have run into is the quest to find and kill Zmola and you can do that quest a bunch of different ways. I laugh at people that think a NPC walking into a wall is a bug, check out any game with AI, it always happens.