No access to game


Hi guys I bought the 50€ version of this game when it was still in beta or alpha (i cant remember). But now when i try to open the game it says my account has no access or something like that. I don’t know where to write to or where to reinstall the game. But i know that when i got the game it promised e the version of the finished game at release. I hope someone can help me because i would really like to play this game.


-solved- it shortly after writing this worked again but in beta early access work in process is that normal?


Yes, it is the same tech beta from March 2016, so expect iffy performance and bugs.

Internal work on the release candidates seems to be offering significant improvements to most of the rough areas, so don’t worry too much about those.

Not long now until the release date - only a little over 2 months.


Thanks for the info :wink: