No animals in rattay forest?

Hello, so I finally got 70 rabbit meat for one of the skalitz survivors, but when I came he was already sleeping and refused to wake up! And of course in the morning the meat already got below 50 health and he was still sleeping! So I decided I will just cook and sell it and then go hunt some more rabbits. I wandered few kilometers in rattay forest and no sign of life nowhere! WTH happened? Is Rattay forest a dead forest?

One of the most frustrating times for me in this game, was immediately after I began a quest that required me to hunt rabbits.

That should have been easy, right? Rabbits are everywhere, always easy to find right?


After starting that quest, the rabbits were nowhere to be found. Suddenly, they were as rare as the laughing toucan in southern jersey. Never seen one of those? Yeah? Well, you aint’ gonna see those rabbits either! I was so irritated with that.