No barking when pressing X in No Rest For The Wicked DLC quest


Henry does not bark or give any noise when crouching in the private area behind Felix’ friend (see picture ).
The button X works only for the whistling because if I move away from the private area, the horse appears and If I move back there is no sound or this barking icon. Any help ?
Thank you


You need to press and hold.


yes I did hold. I held longer and shorter. I even closed the game to restart. No effect.


If you have learned from the dog, and chased away the guy that’s afraid of fire, then I don’t know what’s wrong.


I have run into this bug too. I have no idea how to get it to work.


Have you tried to reload the last save?


eeeeehhh……WTF you are talking about :smiley:
Rest For The Wicked DLC??? Call me stupid but did i miss something???


It’s a quest from the Hans Capon DLC.

I had the same problem. I could solve it by removing all mods and starting from a save before the cutscene with the Charlatan starts, meaning before speaking to Fearless Felix.


I went back to the cutscene. Maybe I need to go back even further?


I went back a few days…the quest is still broken. Henry will not bark. Am I doing something wrong?


Do you use any mods?
If yes, try without them.


Apparently, I had a mod running that I had forgotten about. That was the issue.