No cutscene on startup and no sound in game


Hey guys.
I was able to play the game perfectly fine yesterday, but today when i tried to start it, this started happening. If anyone knows a fix, please please let me know!
Attached is a capture of said problem.
Windows 10
i7 7700HQ
GeForce GTX 1060
I am also running the game on medium…



I have the same problem here. Yersterday I downloaded KCD from Steam, started up and there is no Intro to see, just press ESC or RETURN can skip the Blackscreen and get to the MainMenu. And there is even no sound. The same like you @Exareo. I still waiting for a fix or I give it back to Steam.



Seems to me that it just works when it feels like it. Today I troubleshooted a little bit. I restarted my PC, opened the game, and then tabbed to a different screen and it loaded up just fine. Not sure what the issue is. And I’m not promising that this will work for you, but might as well give it a shot!



I got it! I updated my RealtekHD Audio Driver. Now KCD is running fine.



I’d suggest trying these things:

  1. Re-installing the game and verifying files.
  2. Updating your sound drivers.
  3. Try playing KCD on a fresh user account on your Windows.
  4. If nothing works, re-install Windows. 101% chance of Fix.


All pc’s are different but I have Sonic Studio 3 on my laptop and if I dont close it out before I start the game it has no cutscene and starts with no audio, characters dont talk and their lips dont move, they just nod at each other. If I close out sonic studio it starts properly every time.



i fix this glitch by uninstalling the HD sound pack, hope this helps.