No kunos encampent

When I went to Kunos encampment, there was no encampent at all, just empty. I had just finished Baptism of fire. Any help?

Any help? What should I do to start this quest?

You must speak to sir Radzig.

Oh I’ve done that. I’m to locate kunos encampent, but when I come there, the objective gets completed but nothing happens after that. Besides, the place is empty, where kunos encampent is supposed to be.

It should trigger a cutscene when you get near the camp, so it’s maybe a bug, you can ask on Warhorse support what to do I haven’t played it yet, I just checked it on youtube.

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Do you use any mods?

Yes, but I also used the same ones in my previous playthrough without any problems. Any idea of what mod?

It would be much easier if you provided a list of mods you use. If it´s cause by mods it probably the one altering level.pak

My list of mods:

  • Cheat

  • Greedy Alchemist

  • Stay clean longer-Get dirty gradually

  • Trough washing deluxe

  • A sorted inventory

  • Richer merchants

  • Perkaholic

  • No helmet vision

  • Alternate food spoil

  • Leipa helm

Go through the mods, some will be messing with level.pak

No, nothing is messing with level.pak, just checked the mods.

Then remove them all and see if it works. Then add them back one at a time until you find the culprit.

Sorry for late reply, but I just did that and the same. I just removed all the mods, still doesn’t work…

You need to restart the whole DLC quest again. Save is most probably corrupted.

It’s the first rule of modding. Use at your own risk. Ok it might not be the first rule.

Odd, because i used the exact same mods on my previous play and it worked wonders, even one which was outdated.

What If I somehow restart the quest? Is it possible to do so?

Started a new playthrough without mods, and still the same… Any solutions?

Have you verified your game installation? Maybe your level.pak is damaged by a mod.
There is an option at steam to do this.

It seems to work, steam is now downloading 7gb worth of files, those files should be the dlc files.