No more KC:D beer?


Is there no longer a KC:D Beer out there? The game isn’t even released yet, and they already stopped selling those special beers. I question the sanity of whoever made that decision!


It seems that way. Maybe they sold what they had and now they are remaking the label, since it was using old KCD design.


Well, let’s hope that is the case. I just wanted to order a nice little bulk of this stuff.

But the fact that they do not at all offer it and have not even left the old oves up makes me rather pessimistic. :confused:


There will be some KCD beer in the future again for sure.
It is a small brewery and the beer is made very fresh and will spoil soon, so it is not possible to storage it for longer times.
It is produced on higher demands and bigger events and sold in this cases.


I really hope it is produced again some time. I’ll order some, for sure.


It will be :slight_smile:


You’re an insider from the brewery?
Promise! :smiley:


No, but I am Warhorse Studios Community Manager :smiley:


Meh, that counts, as well. Barely, but it does :stuck_out_tongue:


Not good enough ! You must infiltrate the brewery !


lmao yasss


Okay, can everyone who wants to buy beer please write me a PM, so I can make a list with the requests? :slight_smile:


Soooo…any news?


Fuss is still infiltrating the brewery.


I think he is on vacation. I guess his “vacation” currently consist of blackmailling brewery manager into making more KCD beers.
If not, then he is most likely on brewery heist…


I imagine a boring meeting of the heads and CEOs of a brewery, when all of sudden…

the meeting rooms door gets kicked in by a towering man in full plate armour, accompanied by his lice infested, ass-smelling men at arms.

A mid level manager tries to flee, but the Knight throws his sword, nailing the mans suit to the wall.

The knight draws close to the CEO, grips him by the neck with his gauntlet clad hand and raises him off his chair…

“Are you in charge of this brewery, maggot?!”


Or he grows sideburns and changes his name to Fyodor Fyodorovich then works his way from 0 to CEO of brewery, liking it so much he eventualy leaves the video game development business.


too much work, chopping off CEO’s neck is much faster… Medieval style, bitch!


And thus, ‘klingon’ “Blood wine” was invented…


I am back again. :slight_smile:
We will be on Battle of Libušín this weekend again and we will sell beer. The problem with the beer is, that we can´t store it for longer times, because it is a very fresh product and does spoil quite quickly. But we want to use the festival this weekend to bring the beer back to the community too.
There is hope about the hops! :beer: