No Random Encounters 1.9.2 Steam

At some point of the game (~ Plague Quest) random encounters disappeared. I can safely fast travel through all world map.
No mods. On old saves everything is ok.
Tried this:
wh_pl_randomeventsdebug ( 0 default / 1 debug )
wh_pl_randomeventscooldownsenabled ( 1 default (my setting)
wh_pl_randomeventbasechancerunoffset ( 0 default / 1 chance increase )
with no results.
Any ideas?

Im having the same issue but on ps4, I tried for an hour going from Skalitz to Rattay

Have you visited Skallitz? There should be a very high chance for a random encouter infront of the Skallitz tavern

I have no encounters at all. I visited Skallitz, yes. I travelled all over the map.

I think, I found the problem.
I loaded my earlier saves with normal encounters and found that problem starts right after finishing stage “Meet up with the corps in the camp” of Robber Baron quest.