No random encounters except for combat


Hey. I am getting a bug where I get no random encounters save for bandit attacks. I am missing the riddler, the wandering knight and mercenaries and the faint hearted knight. Not to mention dice and treasure map salesmen. I got a ton of wayfarers so i am murdering them now to see if it fixes that.

No mods, playing hardcore mode with FTA DLC.


Same shit here. I think this bug was created by patch 1.6.


Also same shit here. I ran into Faint-hearted knight two times and once into a guy who needed bandages for feet. And I’ve been playing hardcore for some 60 hours now.


To fix this i installed that mod from the Nexus:


PS4 and most recent patch here, and I had finally had an encounter with someone other than bandits last night for the first time in months - the Wayfaring Knight.
Here’s hoping there’s more to come.


Thank you, will try it out.


it will probably mess up the DLC. Be warned., the DLC no like mods.


This mod don’t mess with the DLC, i verified that. Also i wouldn’t recommend to anyone things that mess something up.


yes, it works, thank you


No problem, have fun. :+1:


Cheerio. Will try it in the morrow.


Occurs when FtA is enabled. Tested with a friend, he is using FtA and me not, He got no random encounter, myself got some (test was on 1.6)


I wish it was possible to turn off ‘‘random’’ events. It get’s so repetetive and boring so fast, it always happend at the same spots and all so all I do is just run past it everytime, and then sometimes get’s frustrated by how easy scared your horse can get. You are far away from they still your horse can barely see there shadow so he gets scared and throw you off…


I don’t have that problem… I like the random events especially the non ambush ones. Installed the mod, had one carcass on the ground event then events seem to have stopped altogether. Like c’mon @warhorse get your shit together. You shouldn’t be releasing DLC if you haven’t polished all the bugs yet. Atm my padded coif comes out the back of my helmet, can’t use one of the thicker voids as they clip through the mech and ruin immersion… events don’t occur… Andre DLC is sub par… This is not cool.


I still get some encounters but it is mainly attacks. I’m on hardcore mode and get attacked by 7 people all the time. I hate how you can never out run anyone. If you stand and fight. Then be ready to die.


think they tried to “fix” a couple of quest issues where random encounters were bugging the quest NPC’s/cutscenes/items from spawning.- which means ALL encounters are gone…
No, Warhorse, that is not a good “fix”, because game content has been cut, but our full price we paid has not…
I loved being ambushed by Cumans or bandits etc… or helping poor souls… but now that’s gone and a lot of us want it back.


If on PC you can get a mod for more random encounters. I have the one where I get all the normal non violent NPC’s and even throws 9 bandits at me.


I am not getting any bug


yes this happened with me once . it is not a big issue just go to setting and reset all the settings. if in your case it doesn’t works then visit on XXXXXXXXXXXX . here you can find your solution with proper tutorial. my frend sugest me this and it will helps me a lot. may be it will also helps you.


Often i was hoping there would never be a fast travel possibility.
In RL i cant point my finger on a map and was teleported or traveled faster than usual.
Everything is placed at the beginning of the game. And if someone dies, he will never come back. kk the world will be empty over time, but that would bring the game to a higher level of decision making.