No rest for the wicked. grave problem


I have problem with no rest for the wicked quest. When i open the grave i cant take skeleton. There is no option to pick up. I reload saves, reinstall game but still this same problem.


Do you have any MOD installed? Deinstall the MODs and try again.


Try hopping down into the grave, Henry has a low pickup range for the bones.


I reinstall game without any mods, load old saves and i still have this problem. And yes, i hopping down, crouch. Nothing.


Hmm… try the mission in a diff save?


I tried :slightly_frowning_face:


I’d say redownload but that’s be a headache


I did it yesterday :wink:


Submit a bug report


Have you moved the (old) MOD folders?

Can you post your save? Just to try it…


Yes, when i reinstalled my game i delete all my mods.


Okay, you are right,… it does not work!

@ProkyBrambora or maybe @WH_janrucker (Thank you!!!)

Can you please take a look at the save of @Spirit12
Quest: No rest for the wicked
Bones are in the grave but you can´t pick them up (bones not marked with names - torax…ect.)


Hello, this save file is corrupted by Easy Lockpicking which alters level.pak. and by Cheat 1.29. (actually, a surprise that works at all). You can try load old save and restart the DLC without these mods, the layer with these items will be loaded and it may work properly.


Shit, i use Easy Locpicking 2 or 3 times, locpicking is no hard. Cheat 1.29 i use after start dlc to get Chequered red-blue hood :confused: This game is great without this mods. My bad.


Why do people find lockpicking hard


So, I found last save without dlc Hans Capon, installed again this dlc (without mods). And when i take this quest (No rest for the wicked) is this same problem. Easy Lockpicking is the problem probably. Funny that I used this mod at the very beginning of the game. When I played the first time, I think locpicking is hard to me (before patch) and I installed it. But I quickly removed mod.


If the Cheat at Kingdom Come: Deliverance mod is installed. It is necessary to open the console and enter the order:
cheat_add_item id:48488f3b-ad14-4e03-8296-aaf14b7d883d
cheat_add_item id:42c22969-d577-48a6-a854-a9f876487f80
cheat_add_item id:043692f4-dd6d-4b17-8fe0-887083252050
cheat_add_item id:07948a4e-6df5-49e0-900a-aadf4539fc07
cheat_add_item id:e222057d-cf3a-44e4-a215-c82ebf03307c
This will add 5 parts of the skeleton from the grave and the quest will move further along the plot.