No Rest for the Wicked quest bug


So i have experienced while attempting to play through this DLC a quest breaking bug. In the ‘No Rest for the Wicked’ quest, i am unable to remove the bones from the grave, there is no option for it. Checked the gameplay stream that the devs did on this quest a while back, same grave but no option to pick up the bones in my game. Have attempted to re-load previous saves but this has achieved nothing. As i am playing on PC (Steam version 1.7.1) i naturally assumed that this is a mod conflict so tried again without mods active - this sadly did not work. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this bug - i cannot find any record of it anywhere else. Thankfully, this quest is not necessary for the completion of the DLC, but this is still incredibly annoying


weird, i often find i can overcome bugs and crashes by not playing the game AT ALL for a few days, its really not ideal though


I have trouble too. I have replaced meat and eggs but it is impossible to color the water in the spa and steal the Rosary. This option does not exist in quest log :confused:


Hey, did you find a solution? I got a quite similar bug, I don’t see any bone in the grave, so I just can’t continue. I’m on a fresh save file, I disabled any mod as well and tried to load from a previous point. Nothing happens.


I have the same problem. There is no skeleton there for me to pick up. Kind of sad since i enjoy the Charlatan’s quests


There is no skeleton there for me to pick up. So, i dont know what to do.
P.S. Find solution by myself))
If the Cheat at Kingdom Come: Deliverance mod is installed. It is necessary to open the console and enter the order:
cheat_add_item id:48488f3b-ad14-4e03-8296-aaf14b7d883d
cheat_add_item id:42c22969-d577-48a6-a854-a9f876487f80
cheat_add_item id:043692f4-dd6d-4b17-8fe0-887083252050
cheat_add_item id:07948a4e-6df5-49e0-900a-aadf4539fc07
cheat_add_item id:e222057d-cf3a-44e4-a215-c82ebf03307c
This will add 5 parts of the skeleton from the grave and the quest will move further along the plot.