No Rest for the Wicked quest bug


So i have experienced while attempting to play through this DLC a quest breaking bug. In the ‘No Rest for the Wicked’ quest, i am unable to remove the bones from the grave, there is no option for it. Checked the gameplay stream that the devs did on this quest a while back, same grave but no option to pick up the bones in my game. Have attempted to re-load previous saves but this has achieved nothing. As i am playing on PC (Steam version 1.7.1) i naturally assumed that this is a mod conflict so tried again without mods active - this sadly did not work. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this bug - i cannot find any record of it anywhere else. Thankfully, this quest is not necessary for the completion of the DLC, but this is still incredibly annoying


weird, i often find i can overcome bugs and crashes by not playing the game AT ALL for a few days, its really not ideal though


I have trouble too. I have replaced meat and eggs but it is impossible to color the water in the spa and steal the Rosary. This option does not exist in quest log :confused:


Hey, did you find a solution? I got a quite similar bug, I don’t see any bone in the grave, so I just can’t continue. I’m on a fresh save file, I disabled any mod as well and tried to load from a previous point. Nothing happens.


I have the same problem. There is no skeleton there for me to pick up. Kind of sad since i enjoy the Charlatan’s quests


There is no skeleton there for me to pick up. So, i dont know what to do.
P.S. Find solution by myself))
If the Cheat at Kingdom Come: Deliverance mod is installed. It is necessary to open the console and enter the order:
cheat_add_item id:48488f3b-ad14-4e03-8296-aaf14b7d883d
cheat_add_item id:42c22969-d577-48a6-a854-a9f876487f80
cheat_add_item id:043692f4-dd6d-4b17-8fe0-887083252050
cheat_add_item id:07948a4e-6df5-49e0-900a-aadf4539fc07
cheat_add_item id:e222057d-cf3a-44e4-a215-c82ebf03307c
This will add 5 parts of the skeleton from the grave and the quest will move further along the plot.


For me too, empty grave and no bones.
Maybe i continued too late with this side mission?
Same kind of issue in “Restless spirit” found the grave of alois but no flowers were there, also continued much later, so maybe thats the bug? idk.
Im on PeaSent4 so i cant use console thingie

Edit; this is since i started the band of basterds dlc :thinking: