No sound for sword drawing


Once a liar, always a liar. I cannot trust his word on anything else when he blatantly lies about the Katana, a sword ive spent the better part of my life studying and training with.


just play it :slight_smile: and your argument is really “stupid”. No offense but when you just say “omg omg! liar! he say something bad about katana! everything what he said is a LIE!” it will not make a good impression


The only impression i need to make is the perfect draw cut with my Katana. Mr. Easton would never have the nerve to duel me.

Excuse me? You insult my intelligence, and my honor? Ive been nothing but polite to you, and stated nothing but the truth, while you have spat out nothing but lies with your forked tongue.


That was pretty epic SirWarriant, gullible people…


I still prefer the Longsword over Katana. (Actually the ulfberht sword is mah fav)


I agree with you.


Katana Wars episode XMMVIII: Return of SirWarriant.


How about if an opponent (or the player) that was using two weapons rubbed the flat of the blades against each other to make the sound? Or one blade against the edge of a shield? Using the sound as intimidation rather than practical


Sorry for like the latest reply ever.

When they cleaned their swords of rust they used acid (various types of vinegar) anyway so it doesn’t matter if the tanned leather was slightly acidic or not (an increase in acidity will not do anything to increase the rate of oxidisation of iron. This is experience from college (GCE/A-Level Chemistry.)

Haven’t got time to answer the rest yet, late for a lecture.


No… Iron would be a terrible choice and it wasn’t used realistically. Re-read and I think it says why.