No sound for sword drawing


Normally you would hear a very characteristic metallic sound when a sword is drawn.
But there is no sound at all when a sword is drawn or put back in the sheath.


If the sword sheath is leather or something like this you dont hear a clear metallic sound, I think.


I’d like to think that it’s because of the scabbard, maybe it’s made of leather…


Scabbards were most often made from wood and covered in leather. There is nothing that would do that ominous sound. Scabbard would often have metal rim, but again, your sword would not scrape it when drawn. Even it it WOULD scrape, then the rest of sword would be dampened, because it would still touch the inside of scabbard.

When I got scabbard for my training sword, I was very upset that it does not do that “cliiiinnnngggg” sound. But I have to live with it :slight_smile:


I can hear it!

yes, you’re right you must have experience by using a sword, the closest thing i have is a machete.
maybe we’ve been influenced by hollywood :confused:


You don’t have a scabbard, your sword levitate beside your hip, hence drawing the sword can’t make any sound. /thread



I apologize. We still need the sheath though!


If you listen closely there is a actually very faint shluk sound when he sheathes it. This is realistic as most scabbards are actually made of wood with the interior lined with cloth or wool, if anything. A leather sheath would be even less prominent although I doubt those will be depicted because scabbards are more rugged, easier to simulate, and just cooler in general IMO. Maybe make the sound a bit more obvious but this game was funded on the premise that it would put realism above player’s misconceptions and I want it to stay that way.


Thank god there is no damn clichée sound. Scabbards are missing though :frowning:


That’s because the scabbard and sword is of a later era.

A common misconception is that people used to have a lot of wooden scabbards, when this wasn’t the case. A wooden scabbard hinder mobility quite a lot when the sword is drawn as it retains its rigid/erect shape. This means it does indeed hot stuff, just like when a sword is sheathed. However, for soldiers whether infantry or cavalry, or just in general this is not good.

Initially, foot soldiers will need to take up as little space as possible and maintain mobility as a unit, having these erect scabbard hinders this and puts the soldiers at a disadvantage.

Cavalry would also be hindered by this as during this era the horsemen did not affix their scabbards to the horses saddle as seen in later centuries, they wore it on their hip like any other soldier would. This means when the sword is drawn, the scabbard would become lighter whilst still erect, when at canter this then means that the scabbard starts to fly about the place, pulling and putting strain on the sword belt itself as well as looking stupid and hitting the horse (this can have many effects, spurring them on for example, or spooking, of distraction. All of these lead to a lack of control over the animal, which is not good.)

Finally, having a wooden scabbard lined in leather and wool is just simply more expensive than a simple leather scabbard, or perhaps of you’re being fancy, a leather and sheepskin scabbard. Why bother spending more money on something that is ultimately a hindrance and not very useful?

For example, all of my swords / weaponry requiring scabbards are just simple leather scabbards as they simply work well in doing the job of a scabbard and also look nice (as well as authentic.)

Unfortunately, with the lacking of resistance when the sword leaves or enters the scabbard, there is no cool noise such as schwing or thunk/clunk. The most it gives is just a noise of basic friction against a non-smooth soft surface.

I am not denying the existence of wooden scabbards that is, there are indeed examples and evidence that does support their use, but never in vast quantities. The problem with a leather/and sheepskin scabbard is that they degrade quicker and we are sometimes left with less evidence than there should be; however we can reference most tapestries to see that a lot of the scabbards (that I have seen (northern/central Europe)) do not have wood in them (we think.)

If in doubt, go check your national archives and see what you can find!

Edit: written late at night. I see some spelling/autocorrect mistakes. Too lazy to fix them.


You can tell from a tapestry if scabbard has wood inside or not? There is also one more reason to use wood - because tanned leather is naturally acidic, the sword in a perpetual contact with it may get rusty quicker. That’s how our saddler explained to me why the wood should be there. But OK, I can image that common soldiers’ scabbards were leather-only because of price.


awsome, also scabbards made of iron could be a problem, most of all in cold weather, you know, as when we lick ice and our tongue just stick on it


Do Swords go Schwing?


As someone who has practiced with REAL swords (Katana) for 20 years i can confirm swords make a long Schwing sound, when drawn. They also shine brightly like a newborn star when you first draw them from their scabbards.


Hmm… do I smell irony?


Do i smell inferior westerners questioning the superiority of the Katana?


ehm…how you explain this?


“Matt Easton” is a known Euro propagandist, that lies about the Katana to try and cover up how shitty the longsword is.


but this video is just about that “sound”…this is not about Katana