No sound when game starts

I love this game but you devs are pissing me so much? WHY? Because every time you send a patch out you may have fixed the bugs & glitches you were in tending to fix, but then go and break something else!

When I start the game now since the 1.5 patch I get the theme tune after the screen that shows you all the games creators and Cryengine and shows the white page and the outline drawing and says War Horse, it’s then supposed to go into the screen that shows you the little story and the guy that talks saying King Charles IV, until today it wasn’t. But today it has starting going back into that with sound, and when the game starts and goes into the games menu I’ve got no sound, same when I go into the game itself? What it was going yesterday and every day since you sent out the 1.5 patch it was skipping the pictures and the guy telling the story, and same again, when I went into the game I had no sound at all???

So what I’ve been having to do to get the ingame sound back was to untick the HD Sound Pack in my steams library then right click, then click properties, Local Files then do the verify integrity of the game files. Then go and re-tick the HD Sound Pack so it downloads it again!!!

I am getting fed with this game in one way or another. I have done a ton of grinding in this game plus I’ve restarted saves from days before even weeks sometimes because of bugged side missions or main missions, but because I’m a 100% perfectionist when it comes to completing games I wanted to go back and redo missions when you’ve sent out fixes? But your really driving my patience. If you don’t fix this game and soon then I will be asking PayPal for a refund because I know steam will not be any help?


Delete your old saves.

Thanks for your reply, but I’m not sure why I would need to delete all my old saves for the sound to work as it should?

Please explain


There was similar thread and deleting old saves helped since guy had started game in past version and continued in new one. There are various bugs, not only broken UI, but also visual and sound bugs caused by colliding two various versions. Usually reinstalling game helps and cleaning mods out, sometimes there’s little file where are all settings and user preferences are set to certain value but I do not know which is that.

No that didn’t help at all “deleting my old game saves”, but I think I know what it could be?

A good few times now when the game hasn’t started with sound I’ve put the game into boardless and restarted the game and it worked, then I just put the game back to fullscreen when I’m in the menu and I’m good to go!

So please can you get this fixed asap, as the bug seems to be in the settings somewhere?

Also their is another problem with the game starting up and with the settings. Before this problem I’ve been discussing with you, for months now I’ve been getting problems with my graphics settings, I.E when the games starts and I go into the settings and my graphics settings would already be in borderless and instead of the Image Quality been Ultra High it would be high or on rare occasions on custom and HD Textures mostly on but rare occasions off, and in Advance Graphics Settings the Anti-aliasing SMAA would be on 1TX instead of SMAA 2TX and obviously all the rest on high because of the Image Quality. “But It hasn’t done this for days since getting this problem, but I think It’s only because of this problem why I’m not getting this?”.

I thought for minute then that I’ve always had this problem for a few months but then I remembered that it would only do the borderless and graphic to high settings only once or twice a week, not every time I want to play this game which is every day like this no sound problem.

So again please fix.

I’ve just done a little testing and I’m getting some quite strange fps in the game.

Also before I begin, I need to add to the reply I sent you earlier? I forgot to mention that when I start the game and theirs no sound, when I go into the settings it will still be on full screen and on ultra high settings from when I’ve played the night before, and for me to get the sound back like I’ve said in the message I sent you a couple of hours ago I can now get the sound back by just doing the settings. But what I didn’t say was, once I put the graphic settings to borderless I save it but I also need to restart the game? THEN I can put the graphic settings back from borderless to fullscreen and to Ultra High?

As from before when I mentioned that I was having to untick the HD Sound Pack in Steam then re-tick after I’ve verified the integrity, I don’t need to do this now and waste time redownloading the HD Sound Pack!

As I was saying about what else I’ve found.

In game I was doing a little testing and what I’ve found is a little weird. On 1080p Ultra High fullscreen I’m getting around 68-76fps and on high 93-97 so you would have thought putting the settings on borderless you would get more fps but no! Ultra High 58-60fps and on High 60-62?

So I’m getting more fps in fullscreen, which obviously good but strange.

Also when are they going also fully optimise the game like when I go into a town and I’m on the horse galloping I can drop from 68-70fps right down to 28-36fps??? Sorry to say this, but this is pathetic.

Thanks again

Everytime game losses focus (eg switch to windows) it returns as borderless. Resetting fullscreen returns options to high settings.
This has been for awhile now.
Havent read your ‘strange performance’ post yet; but inconsistent visual settings will lad to framerates unexpected/ all over the place.

Edit; alright r3ad your ‘strange fps’ post; those numbers are correct- when in borderless windowed mode your game is no longer unlocked v-sync.
V-sync (vertical syncronisation) is aligning framerate to the screen refresh rate.
Maybe you had vsync off in full screen mode (allowing higher than 60hz/60 frames per second).

Reason horse riding averages might now seem lower is that if the peaks no longer shoot up to 80 frames per second (now max is 60) tgis will throw put the ‘in game’ framerate counter which appears to work on averages over a block of time…

Turning off v-sync can prove handy in twitch fighting games or games where any latency getting image to screen throws out the player (street fighter is an easy example). For non competitive games generally leaving v-sync on is the norm as it keeps frame integrity only drawing a new frame after last one has finished…
V-sync on might look like less fps but can sometimes prove better frames.
Wg if my video card runnig at 90 frames per second fets got and throttles down in speed it will give less fps.
If my monitor only shows 60 frames per second having my video card only draw those sixty frames might alleviate some work on the graphics card- might run cooler- might maintain a higher framerate and WILL save power…

I initially didnt bite on the question ‘no sound problem’, as I believe I had read in your post that other games work. (Rechecked tells me no such words exist)

Typically I start sound issue teoublesgooting by asking users how their sound is configured.

Eg many users use fibre optic to pass digital sound, possibly in a surround format, straight to the receiver.

Wgen windows reinstall video drivers (against our will/far too often), it typically defaults to sound output via HDMI.
If your tv cannot handle dolby or dts surround (yet you have windows configured to output them) you might get a scenario like this- first two logos are PCM digital (stereo) sound.
TV might decode that…
Then surround sound game starts playing (where it gives intro speech) and game goes silent.

I teally would need to know more about your sound setup.

How many speakers, and how does computer pass sound to them (eg 3x headphone jack outputs to an integrated six speaker amp/speaker package. … or digital (coax or toslink) to a surround receiver… or hdmi to amp or tv with a fibre optic to amp) - there is a very large number of configs and a surround format flag could trip up many audio setups to act like you have been experiencing…

Blame those getting them to rush the patches out. This is what I and the devs have been saying a while now. They NEED time to test every fix and that it doesn’t break something else. This takes TIME

They get time patches are not rushed except the ones released when the game was first released

It’s got nothing to do with my pc or sound setup mate, because no other game I play does this. And it was fine until they sent out the 1.5 patch!!!

If you read the other posts I’ve done on this thread I tell the other guys that the sound is ok when I put the graphics settings into boardless instead of fullscreen, then when I’ve started the game I put it back into fullscreen? So now I make sure the game is in borderless for when I start the game next time until it’s fixed!

Also the frame rate is poor in borderless, so that is telling me they have have completely fucked up the graphics settings from the 1.5 patch

update your sound drivers. sometimes they have new stuff in them.

I already have mate two days ago, still nothing.

If we need serious tone… lets talk conspiracy theories…

Game mode strikes again.
Makes sense- one of rarer ttles that benefit from top tier PC’ed-ness
Microsoft love making pc gaming dofficult/worse than console version.

Something enforced game mode was always going to do.

Just look at forza.
Game mode was created (magically) around the same week that forza team got xbox Scorpio hardware.

They finally tweaked pc to work at high fps, but at same time dropped draw distances settings to what the scorpio would likely do with an enhanced edition…

Game mode launches and is optional.
Is shown by every test site to be useless for everyone except in rarest of occaisions a business man on battery power might get a few extra frames (but would still get way better results doing tasks separately).

Now game mode is forced, just like what thry did with forza on pc, issue after issue after issue.

It generally takes a few weeks to respond to complaints, and, no shit, microshaft will alternate game mode breakages with forced driver update breakages and direct x updates.

They are clever lile that.
They get nothing for games sold on PC (except for a few first parties; mostly the only direct x 12 games around… and funnily none supporting the useful stuff direct x 12 brings, just the fatures that make an xbox better.

Anyhow; hate to be a dev in m$ targets cause support department gets overloaded with WINDOWS generated issues.

I’d flip a coin if some of WHs present woes werent Micysoft based…


Phil even said it on stage xbox best place to play.

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Just leaving this here in case others have a no sound issue with an Alienware - turned out there was an upgrade to the Alienware Souncenter app recently that clashes with the game - stopped the soundcenter and voila, in game sound is back.


How did you stop soundcenter? Did you uninstall it?