Nobody in Uzhitz can tell me anything useful about Limpy Lubosh, therefore, the parish priest won't speak to me - HELP

Mysterious ways quest.
I went to Uzhitz and discovered that Lubosh was killed. The bailiff allowed me to question the crowd about the cicumstances of his murder. I did, but apparantley, I didn’t get around to questioning Marush who is supposed to be the person who gives me access to the next step in the plot - speak to the parsh priest.
At that time, I didn’t know about this. I left Uzhitz to go on side quests.
Now, days later, I’m back in Uzhitz and I’ve decided to finish the Mysterious ways quest.
I have to, in this order,
B) Find out more about Limpy Lubosh.
A) Talk to the priest.
My reputation is good and everyboy is willing to answer my same old questions. They all repeat the same old answers… sigh
I even met Marush. She just repeated everybody elses answers. She gave me no clue as to how I might be able to speak to the priest.
In short, I’m stuck…
Anyone have an idea ?

I also had to search walkthroughs for this. It is simple 1) Talk to bailif, 2) Try priest Godwin and fail, 3) Talk to bailif again.

Can you provide me with your save file?

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simply step infront of the priest to interrupt his training. He will put his sword aside. Then talk to him

OK. Thanks, I’ll try that.

No, he doesn’t.
He won’t talk to me at all - he ignores me completely.
That is actually why I posted in the first place.

And have you already met Godwin in tavern? And either refused to drink with him, or drank and then failed in preaching?

No, I haven’t, I haven’t been invited to drink with him…
He won’t talk to me at all - he ignores me completely.
That is actually why I posted in the first place.

That’s what i did today. simply stand beside him and target him did not give me the option to talk either

Someone is supposed to say to you that Godwin knew him. Ask tanner and neighbour across the river.

Thanks. I’ll try that.

You want to cheat? I’ll give you a way to finish the quest.

A Workaround

Fuck Uzhitz. Talk to Sir Hanush in Rattay after you’re done questioning people and wasting your time and he’ll send you to the Rattay scribe. Kill the scribe (or pickpocket/do his quest, but if you don’t want to waste time just do it my way; if it can’t be solved by killing someone, it’s a quest not worth doing) and read the Black Book. You’ll now bypass a massive part of the quest and now must seek out Reeky. And better yet, you DO NOT need to know any reading to use the Black Book, cause Henry somehow knows where to go

Hello all.
I have absolutely no reason why but, after a nights sleep, Goodwin now speaks to me !
I can now continue with this quest.
Thank you all for your replies.