Not enough reaction from NPCs, kind of immersion breaking

The game needs to keep track of what I do better and have NPCs react to the events. I kick the crap out of Captain Bernard and he doesn’t even make a comment to me. No reward either. I break into the monastery and steal stuff, next day no one comments on the fact that someone broke into the monastery. Even if I go on a stealing rampage around town, people should be talking about it the next day and there should be more guards patrolling at night for a while. If I show up looking like a knight or riding a tier 5 horse and my friends don’t even say a word about it. I see some guards being attacked on the road and help out, once the battle is over no one even says “Thank you.” The only thing I’ve noticed is that when I’m beat up people may comment and even there, I’d expect them to at least ask if I need medical attention. My exploits around the world should be noted in the towns where they take place and maybe even surrounding towns depending on how significant. It would add to the immersion. If Henry’s doing such amazing things then I don’t want to just hear “Henry’s here to see us” I want to hear people talking among themselves about my exploits good & bad.


Tend to agree. It is not an “easy” thing to build into a game, but it definitely could use “more of it.”

It does have a good bit already, but more would be good.

Definitely better than Skyrim. There could be dead people lying everywhere and every now and then someone would stop and say “Oh! What happened?”

I killed one of those two bandits when searching for Ginger. I didn’t do anything with the body. The second guy comes back and starts yelling alarm.

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I definetly agree. Hopefully kcd2 will be better at this.

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