Not getting perk points when leveling

So this has been an issue for a while now and I can’t seem to locate the problem. Whenever I level up (every other level) when I’m supposed to get a perk point I do not. It still says and shows that i have leveled up just no perk point. Same thing for skills. Now I have all the dlcs and the current version on steam. I do have about 7 mods installed but none of them should effect anything to do with that. Anyone experience this as well? I tried going through each mod an removing it one by one with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

By now it might not matter but I have a mod called More Perks that stopped me from acquiring skill points as well. What fixed it though is using a Lethean Water to reset the talent points. It turns out the mod also increased the amount of skill points I had in order to compensate for the increase in perks it gave. Other than that though I’m not sure what else could work for you that you haven’t already tried. Hope this helps.

AFAIK, currently, in order to work, the mods must replace whole game files instead of just changing a tiny isolated part of the game. So any mods can do unexpected mess in unrelated functionalities, especially if they are not compatible with the game version you play (devs change some objects in some file, but the incompatible modded file does not reflect the changes and game behaves strangely then).

Seems like a bug. I just bought only the base game during the summer sale. No bugs, really, except the “Main Level Perk Points” bug.

No mods, no DLCs. Main level is 19, still got only 1 perk point to spend. The other skills are working fine, with perk points awarded as expected.

Kinda glad I didn’t buy the DLCs. Maybe by Jun 2020, Warhorse will have fixed all bugs by then. I will gladly buy all DLCs at full price if all major bugs (and this “Main Level Perk Points” bug is major enough) are ironed out.

Bug Watch Seems Off. Given that this bug report had not caught the developer’s attention for over 2 months, I think it’s safe to say bugs are not actually being addressed right now. (Seasonal work schedules, maybe?) This was the main reason I refrained from buying any DLCs this summer.