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ELEX +Risen 3bj
A reason why they are so popular is that more people talking about other games than this crap title! XD


AAA it’s just a tag that tells us how much money was spend on development - supposed to mark down the quality label, but it isn’t. Yes first half of Elex any enemy kills you 1-2 hits and even won fight grant you a loose change of exp, and a redeemer is a BFG that kills anything in couple shots - exactly why we can say that gameplay is a sh… not good enough. I like the game tho, but it’s overall quality? - maybe a 5 of 10 max (opinion thing, as I said).


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Are you 10 years old? This is the wrong place for you. Here are games for grown-ups.


Seems Snoopy’s genre blending book was used as inspiration for Elex


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You dont even need to use a mod to get rid of the HUD. Just type the relevant command in the command console while the game is running. Or, create user.cfg fike, write the relevant command in there, drop this file in the KCD root folder (not in Mods, Data, etc), then create a shortcut to the game exe. Edit the target line of the shortcut so that the game autoruns the contents of user.cfg when it starts. Or, if Steam version of KCD, modify the launch options in Steam. I have GOG version, so I can just shortcut straight to the exe without some program (Steam) being triggered when game starts.

And besides, mods are a big part of what makes games, and RPGs in particular, fun to play. I understand that some dont use mods in games, that’s cool, but that doesnt make mods bad. Mods are only bad when they are used to correct bugs/issues that the game devs havent addressed, or when they are used to cheat/get unfair advantage in online multiplayer.


Does KCD have a place to enter commands on console like RDR2. Haven’t seen it


@frelmedieval: Yes, press the Tilde key (close to Escape button in upper left of keyboard). It looks like this:


Edit: Sorry, no, I misunderstood you. Commands not possible on consoles, only PC. I always use the term “command console”, even outside of games, because I use Linux alot. In Linux you pretty much must use a terminal to type commands if you want to get any real work done.


I don’t want typing in a command line in the shortcut. Replacing the config file is okay for me, but then the game should apply the changes without additional modifications! Why not making the HUD immersive by default?