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My qustion was not “why wh should do” but “who else did”… Anyway - I play on hardcore with this mod installed. No hud - no problem :slight_smile:

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It’s sad when you need to use a mod, because the real game is not in a perfect state. Where’s the problem to make immersive HUD by default? Then we don’t need a mod!


Mods mostly being made cause ppl want something different, not because of incomplete state of game. Srsly, I’d prefer dev to concentrate on removing bugs, glitches and crashes and work on overall stability of gameplay, then on some rather cosmetic features.


The missed targets won’t be implemented even with mods. KCD will therefore remain incomplete in some ways.

Yes, most mods are add variety (something different) and cosmetic elements (eg enhanced immersion). The best mods though address the half-baked, incomplete elements of a game… SimSettlemnts/Rise of the Commonwealth come to mind with FO4

Among the DLCs, with exception maybe of ashes, not sure any added content beyond the cosmetic… so it seems like WH has disregarded this sentiment.

I much enjoy the cosmetic. Actually think KCD is hugely centered around the cosmetic. The layering of clothes and armor is truly sublime even with clipping issues. Let’s
be candid though, with the perks and such, the variety in clothing and armor (50 different cuirass, 75 different waffenrock, etc) is less functional and more vanity as evidenced by the popularity of ‘Show me your Henry’ and relative dearth of threads on the optimal (functional) layering for tank vs assasin vs etc roles

Stability etc are obviously important. And yes, WH needs to improve. They may have sold over 2M copies in one year but they haven’t perfected release change management. The bugs and other things you mentioned are largely things introduced by new releases. That said, we shouldn’t be faced with an either or.

WH could make minor cosmetic tweaks that would improve the KCD experience, but WH chooses not to. No HUD configs to adjust, no Talmberg/Skalitz bouche/heavy heater shield (but enough time/resources to introduce ‘talk to the hand’ heavy heater and remove ‘flaming heart’ heavy heater), etc.


This is all wrong. Mods are created to IMPROVE a game while changing things that got done bad by the developers. The experience becomes improved by more immersion and not by fixing minor bugs! They are fixing bugs for over a year now.


Sure, nude mod and toxic green armor improves game all right :smile: Nah, just kidding, I’ve made some mods for skyrim myself, so I know a little and can agree on improvement part in general. Anyway, as I said, I’d rather wait for stable working complete game and, hopefuly, mod tool, so then I can improve the game myself )


then you should cease and desist playing KCD until at least the first hotfix after a woman’s lot. with testing in April, probably means May


Uh, why? :thinking:


@KyG i’ve been here since a little before release and started playing from the first day of release. instability, bugs, and/or performance issues have followed nearly every release. not being cynical or hyperbolic. just a reality of playing KCD. and to put thing into context i have over 1000h of playing time… over 600h in normal mode and around 400h in hardcore. i’ve soldiered on through game-related fatal CE crashes (vanilla PS4), atrocious popins, alarming texture issues, corrupt saves, rampant completion artifacts and game breaking bugs. so actual time spent on KCD is considerably more than the time one gets by adding the hours associated with the save files. others are more sensitive to these issues and sometimes lose their minds on this forum. if you’re of the latter type, hold off till after a woman’s lot


I’ve started first playthrough on 1.4 if remember right, cause I thought most of the bugs and etc should be solved by then. Yeah, I was proved wrong, but never ranted on that on forums. Most bugs made me laugh rather than pissed anyway.


I prefer to play a good, but bugged game than a bad, but polished game.


Whether game is good or not is mostly an opinion thing, don’t you think?


No. I don’t think. Quality of a game is a fact and has nothing to do with opinions.


How you measure a quality of the game? What actually quality is? Story, narrative, graphics, sound, gameplay… bugs absence? :wink:


Everything except graphics. A game can be a masterpiece in pixel graphics. Graphics are important, but more as an art style than quality. I like photorealistic 4K textures, but not every game needs it. And bugs are a different category.


Elex drived most of the gamers away mostly cause of graphics and gameplay. Story - the best part of that game, but not that many gamers can live with flaws of former to see the greatness of the latter.


Elex is NOT a mainstream title where you play a superhero for 12 year olds with a big armor and weapon arsenal like the games from EA. Elex is a hand-crafted game where nothing is generated and where your character is always an important part of the story. Not like Skyrim. The gameplay is decent and no action AAA-garbage. Most people want action with superheroes and fun-gameplay. This is the reason why Elex is not designed for most people. It is what it wants to be. A niche game where the developer’s vision comes over profit.


Elex has “the redeemer” wich allows you to feel like superhero :smile: Anyway, what “quality” this game is?


What? What do you mean with redeemer? Tell me have you ever played Elex? The first 30 hours you are weak, no hero, you have to earn your armor first and you better should not go too close to enemies. Even small enemies will kill you one hit. Other NPCs are rude to you. What quality this game has? Haven’t I mentioned a lot about it? The fact that Elex is not AAA-trash says a lot about quality.


‘Magic, technology, science fiction, fantasy all in one’ is a niche for those that can’t chose … curry ketchup on a BigMac with burgers grilled on oil infused with truffles served with a side of kimchi fried rice with falafels and with Beaujolais in a stein

Daring and creative but I’ll pass… doesn’t matter who makes it