NPC Aggro and targeting improvement

Apologies if this has been raised before, I couldn’t find anything.

When you encounter two groups having a fight can they please finish their first fight before starting on Henry (unless he gets involved first, of course)? It’s bad enough when 5 bandits turn their backs on the guards who are trying to stab them, but it’s just absurd when 10 or so bandits and Cumans call a temporary truce to go murder some bloke who was just happening by.

Even if there’s no aggro mechanic to decide who’s the bigger threat, can they at least finish their first fight before starting another? If Henry wades in, he should be given the same targeting priority as everyone else.


Right, unless you get directly into it or are causing heavy damage with a bow from a relatively close range, you should not be pulling aggro…Hell, if Cumans are fighting Bandits and you help kill Cumans the Bandits aught to leave you alone entirely for helping (Maybe Cumans wouldnt help because they’re foreign invaders) but if nothing else they should at least leave you be until it’s just you left…ya know, enemy of my enemy is my friend sort of thing

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this is an exploit. there are 2 guards. there are 5 bandits. bad odds.

oh, look Henry’s here. Henry rides past the bandits. the bandits chase after Henry. the guards chase after the bandits. when Henry shoots a bandit, the bandit pauses to recover and then a guard adds on with a blindside attack. if the guards worked in tandem, it’d be a bloodbath. they don’t so the odds are more balanced