NPCs Overlapping Bug

I’ve seen this in at least two scenes in the game:

  1. here, as shown in the included screen cap, at the charcoal camp south of the Inn on the Glade
  2. Also the bath maids at the Rataje bath house will get into this arrangement sometimes.

It is primarily an aesthetic bug, but in the case shown here, the behavior of the animations suggest the possibility that the rendering is stuck in some kind of loop as a result of the two NPC models being overlapped.
This is the second playline in which I’ve seen this exact thing with these two NPCs at that charcoal camp, though it only seems to happen at night. So, with that you should be able to replicate the bug and look at what is happening in your code.

  1. start a new game, or use a save game that isn’t too far advanced at all (no progress in the main quest beyond arriving at Rataje, though I don’t imagine that will make much difference to the code that runs these two models).
  2. Go to near this camp. Wait till dark.
  3. Approach and observe the models and look at what is going on in your debugger.

I’ve had two guards seeing me stealing from armory and stopped me standing inside each other. It’s so old bug.

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Ah, so it happens in many contexts then. So, shouldn’t be hard to find an example of it, and it must be coming from some general purpose code that deals with collision and pathing for NPC entities. Anyway, in the present build of the game, it would seem that those two woodcutter NPCs at that specific camp (the one south of Inn on the Glade) is a good prospect for the developer to find the bug in action with their debugger running in Visual Studio (or whatever IDE they use) and pin down what exactly is happening and fix it!
If they cannot do it, then send me an NDA, a contract for $1 and access to the god damn source code and I’ll fix it for them! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: