Nvidia GeForce Now and console combat balancing

Does anyone know if it’s possible to modify AI variables using the console? Specifically [rpg_param_key=“MaxSpecialPerfectBlockSlotModifier” rpg_param_value=] that controls perfect strikes and the other rpg_param_key settings for AI’s perfect block and master strike chance? default time for masterstrikes is .6 (6 tenths of a second?) but streaming the game through GeForce Now it seems like there could be input lag making it almost impossible to reliably perfect strike. Even if this game is working just as designed is there a way to change these variables without needing a mod to modify rpg_param.xml?

And a general question, are all AI’s really only using one set of behavior mechanics? Whats controlling the difference, just their stats? That seems to explain why the game is so infuriating with chain master striking naked bandits with pitchforks.