Observing skirmishes

I can’t believe this hasn’t been improved as it seems highly unfinished and unrealistic. Whenever I bump into a skirmish I just watch dudes beating each other. Seems OK so far. But when the winning side is looting corpses they are doing it forever and never leave plus they seem to be constantly acting like they are alarmed by noises of their mates and bodies on the ground!

“Who’s there?” (hears his buddy walking behind him)
“Mother of…!” (sees the corpse)
“What was that?!” (hears his buddy walking behind him)
(checks the corpse)

That just goes on forever and looks and sounds weird.

lol, yeah it’s bizarre. There was one time, where I watched the Sasua guards defeat a band of bandits. I had helped the guards. But then, there Henry was standing among the corpses lying on the ground with one guard also still standing there. But I still saw the yellow crossed swords. I thought maybe I’d hit a guard and this one was going to come after me next. He kept saying all those aggro things “I’ll slaughter you”, “Like pigs to the slaughter”, “YOU’LL get what for!”, but he was just standing there, not coming for me. It was weird. Then one of the “corpses” got up and I realized a bandit had only been knocked unconscious and the guard was just waiting for him to get back up before finishing him off, lol.