On PS4 I just cannot do a perfect block

I am now trying for hours and hours and I just cannot do a perfect block on PS4 when training with Captain Bernard. As soon as I see the green shield I press L1, but it just does not work. Just a normal block. What am I doing wrong? Am I too slow? It really starts to suck. I (still) have a full time job and I don’t have time to train for two weeks just to play a game…

The game is currently so annoying, I consider sending it back to Amazon. Maybe it’s buggy, but combad really doesn’t work on PS4!

I think a perfect block with attack (r1/r2)at the same time executes a riposte

You still have to “parry” before pressing L1. On PC move the mouse to the direction the strike will come from, then press the button to block