One size does not fit all

The combat system might be great for some, but for others it is a pain.
Almost at the end of my tether with this game. I have waited for patch after patch for the bugs to be fixed and it has slowly got better.
But then with 1.6 not only did we have bug fixes, but the combat was tweaked a bit.
I’ve always found the combat system to be a bit of a nightmare when being attacked from all sides while your character is immobilised by some random bit of scenery or picked off by an arrow that the Cumans seem to be able to fire from somewhere behind the trees with pin-point accuracy in the pitch black.
Playing the same bit over and over gives me no joy whatsoever and breaks the flow of a game that I still really want to like more than it is letting me.
Please bear all us gamers in mind, not just those screaming for “hardcore”.


I am in no way a hardcore gamer when it comes to difficulty, I normally simply plays on normal difficulty. In this game there are no such things as different difficulties(ok we do have a HC mode now that makes the game even harder) so one simply needs to learn. I do believe the game would have gained a broader playerbase and made more money with a difficulty slider of some sorts, but now it is the way it is.

I can only speak for myself when I say that I was very frustrated with the lockpickimg mechanics and how battles worked. I play on a PS4-pro and lockpicking was a nightmare and the same can be said about trying to kill som bandits as a Henry that had no experience with weapons of any kind. But after a few hours I came to love how both lockpicking and battle was handled! I am in no way a master and would never put any videos online as people would laugh at me, but I can kill quite many plate wearing guys by myself if needed. I think my record is 8 or something like that, it was during a quest with bandits and I accidentally walked into another bandit camp and needed to fight a lot of plate wearing guys. I survived with just a sliver of health and was bleeding like a stuck pig. But my adrenaline was real and something few or even no other game has been able to give me.


There is no doubt combat gets clunky and challenging. But I like the challenge. I rarely lose fights but when I do it’s because 3-4 melee are chasing me and archers are firing at me. I have won plenty of those types of matchups but sometimes get killed. I always Sprint for the archers first or line up the archers so they can’t shoot me or they shoot their friends. The melee you need to do a lot of clinches and riposets till one or 2 go down, then the fight gets much easier. Also I’m constantly switching weapons in combat if something isn’t working. In my opinion axe is very strong in this game and balanced for all enemy types. But still, use a mace for that full plate. Also get headcracker perk, that helps.

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where is the problem to lose a fight against 4-5 men?
You are not the medieval Superman!

"One size does not fit all "
I think that applies quite well to the sense of the game :wink:


If I walked down a black alley and got in a fight with multiple assailants, I reckon they’d have an advantage: especially if I wasn’t prepared for it (most likely situation).

Having a game that simulates that one person cannot easily kill one hundred isn’t the end of gaming.
The adrenaline this game nets in me is rare in modern games. (something I generally miss)

fast paced racer; adrenaline
beat em up; generally not so much…
RPGs? never. (or should I say ‘neverwinter nights’ for aeons (the old 2000 version that was like diablo crossed with gauntlet).

Having a game that simulates a peasant in an age when peasants were the magic things that simply helped crops to grow and have bread appear on noble peoples tables: its a refreshing game.

like mirrors edge that has the player finish the clip and then drop the gun: we don’t have to fight in every game and we don’t have to be badass.
Doom is for badassness. or duke nukem back in the nineties… (Iprefer a bout of Aliens VS Predator for this sort of adrenaline combat… with the matri soundtrack loaded in the music player)

So many lauch week comments in these forums to remind people that they don’t HAVE to fight at all.
If you want to play the game as a fighter; go for it… as a diplomat; give it a shot…

Ilike playing a peasant.
if combat was easy Iwould be questioning why more peasants didn’t ‘rise to power’.

life as precious as it is… no one is going to risk so much as a cut- this is practically the dark ages for medicine.

Fortunately Robard is willing to take in my lowly self and give me just enough training to really go out and get myself killed.

Like a yellow belt… ITHINKIcan fight.


I agree with you on this, especially the adrenaline part. I know that every time I get attacked, a few mistakes would be the end of Henry and I would need to reload. And I usually only save while “visiting” the bath-maids so sometimes that means I lose quite a lot of time. But that is one of the cool things in this game.

And as you said, combat with melee weapons are a difficult task to master or even learn at all. This is one of the reasons that full fledged revolts against the nobility first became really dangerous once the musket and other firearms became available to the masses. Of course there are many historic exceptions to what I just said but a farmer with a musket and little training is still a very dangerous foe while a farmer with a sword and little training is not that much of a threat.


For the second example, (farmer with sword), that sword is going to get them killed.

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Exactly! :slight_smile: It is an experience all of us that plays this game should have encountered by now!

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I love Henrys first crack at using the sword.
He does manage to almost knock the stick over.

If he had sliced through it: three points.
Knocking it outta the ground: Id give him one point for trying.

When I was an preteen I got some archery equipment.

I would shoot for hours from the back porch trying to hit the rain measurement cylinder midway down the yard.
It was on a pole.

I treated it lole my quarry.
(Either dinner or an assailant).

Over many months I NEVER hit that thing.
(Sure I got close)

Many hours of Time Crisis, actually helps me aim a weapon (I accredit this to point blank actually, a game I enjoyed playing in 2 player mode and ‘going Woo style’)

Practise helps build skill.

The odd thing is, people saying ‘practise’, get told to stop repeating themselves.

Ok- ‘dont’ practise.

Dont practise
Be happy
Woooooo oooo ooo ooo oooo ooooooo oop oo o ooo o ooooo
Dont practise
Oooo oo ooòooo ooo ooo o oooo
Dont practise

Dont practice
Be happy now

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Yep you’re right. Henry has come a long way from the boy who kills himself by falling off a small stone, through the out-of-condition asthmatic jogger, to someone who s just getting killed by enemies he cannot move from and/or cannot see.
Groundhog day is getting very long now.
“Caught you! if this were for real I’d be calling for the guards”
“Caught you! if this were for real I’d be calling for the guards”
“Caught you! if this were for real I’d be calling for the guards”
“Caught you! if this were for real I’d be calling for the guards”

The players asking for it to be more difficult have now got their “hardcore” mode
those who would like to play through the game without having to be repeatedly reincarnated are being told to practise…lol


My saddest experience with combat took place just north of the inn at the glade. 5 plain clothes men jumped me while i was on a booze run. Was wasted beyond wasted, couldn’t see anything except 5 blurs. I managed to stumble into the woods far enough that my perks fired and i become hard to find. i hid, then stumbled back to the inn just south, but it was awful, the 5 bandits had moved up the road and killed andrew and almost everyone at the glade. I went to my chest and got my heavy armor, and a woodcutter axe. I hacked those bandits to death with skill 1 axe, so it took several strikes but they couldn’t hurt me because i was invincible in that armor. i reloaded, can’t live without andrew at the inn, one of my favor drinking spots.

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Because it’s EASY. I legitimately have no damn clue what you or the other people are doing to think this game is “hard”, but it isn’t. I’ve killed a horde of bandits while so drunk that Henry couldn’t even stand up straight or see 3 feet in front of him. The combat system just boils down to “press Q or combo to win”. There is no skill involved beyond situational awareness.

I’m guessing it must pan out slightly differently on pc then - certainly there’s no magic key on ps4.


You don’t have a parry button on the PS4? All you need to do is easily stunlock and beat the snot out of Bernard so he teaches you how to perfectly parry and initiate a riposte and the rest of the game is ridiculously easy as Henry can Kenshi his way through 5 enemies or more. All you need is some decent armor, a high damage axe/mace/sword, and the game practically plays itself. If anything combat is too easy, and even in Hardcore mode it’s stupidly easy to just lay waste to a bandit camp.

XBox One
My XBox has no “q” button, so there seems to be a steeper learning curve on consoles.
If you find combat so easy, don’t you also find it boring?
Combat is one of the things I look forward to, because it is still challenging, especially against well equiped opponents. Five bandits with no armor don’t stand a chance, but well equiped knights, ahhhh!

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Read the original post perhaps…


It is incredibly boring, and only hardcore makes it a challenge at all. And even then that’s only if you jump into a middle of a Cuman Camp and wear crappy armor. If your kit is good and you attack the outskirts first, and especially knock out the archers, it’s obscenely easy. I rarely die in combat at all unless I do something excessively stupid or get ambushed while travelling by multiple dudes with spears.

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XBox One:
Then I can see why some people requested “hardcore” mode.
It hasn’t been easy for me at all, though it is getting easier, but only after many perks and potions to help.

Xbox One:

I could be wrong, but I thought I have read other posts, made by PC users, that the combat was too difficult.
I read a lot of posts complaining about the difficulty of combat, and at the time I agreed, until I began to appreciate the combat mechanics. Skyrim and Witcher3 combat now feels One-dimensional to me.
Can’t go back.
Maybe those PC gamers just needed more practice with a keyboard?
How many words can you type in a minute?
Maybe you are just more adept at the key board than other people?
Did you Consider that?

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