Only gone and picked a lock

Well I’ve been trying to pick the training lock on ‘A Good Thief’ and after 1 night and one morning I’ve only gone and done it! Using ps4 controller and original lockpocking, it pays to do it quite fast but not too fast, at a steady pace I would say, too slow and it fails, too fast and you lose the sweet spot.

It can be done and my god, it is satisfying to achieve.

I think this is such a beautiful game, it reminds me of how games used to be. The developers have done a great job, I stumbled across this during a 3am lockdown perusal of ps store…never heard of it and came as a recommendation as I had played skyrim. I watched the video trailer and some broadcasts and bought it.

I feel so happy to have a game like this again. The old days of gaming feel rekindled!


Welcome to this unique and beautiful universe! Indeed, it has some brand new challenges and also enormous feel of immersion. Hope you find a sweet spot here for you for a long time.

P.S. In case you search something unique to play again, I may suggest you to also give it a try to Elex. It isn’t the same mostly, but it is as well tough, but rewarding. And I believe it touched the same strings in my soul.


Thank you, I shall investigate Elex. I’m still so engrossed in KCD, I think the wilds and woods are so perfectly done.