OP Peasants and Bandits

I’m at max level, and sometimes when I fight hostile peasants and bandits I get one that is able to perfectly counter every one of my strikes.

In addition, the only bandits I’m encountering now are heavily armed and armored to a man. One or two in a large party is fine, but what are the chances that all almost every bandit is a rouge hedge knight armored in full plate?

This reminds me too much of Oblivion and how the level scaling would result in bandits wearing the best armor and using the best weapons in the game. It break immersion and level progression.

" It break immersion"
Well…you could imagine, that the standard peasants are scared to attack you, since they see how strong you are :confused:

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Very much this. Complete immersion killer. When game started, bandits were in rags. Now everyone is full plated armor that looks better than kings guard.

LOL yeah now later in the game I have difficulties distinguishing who’s bandit and who’s not. Usually I just walk a bit closer and if they attack me then I know they are bandits and I’ll run away :smiley: Camps in the woods are always occupied by bandits but in skirmishes I can’t know if it’s bandits or guards fighting.