Opinions on recently shown combat footage?

What do you guys think of the combat footage we’ve seen so far? I personally really like the ideas behind it and the structure of it, but i’m slightly worried about the ‘clipping’ that occurs when you switch position on the star lock thing. It seems as thought Henry moves his arm from one side to the other at such a high speed that it feels completely unnatural…what do you guys think? Will this be present in the final game?

I’m a little worried over how it looks. The characters don’t look to be moving realistically to me, they seem stiff and robotic.

I’m also wondering about different skill levels of opponents. Random bandits shouldn’t move the same way as a Knight for example, I hope that shows.

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I pointed out this about a year ago - Different combat techniques thread https://forum.kingdomcomerpg.com/t/different-combat-techniques/25832

sadly - all will figtht in the same way with the same animations…no difference between knight, cuman, or bandit

Where was this confirmed?

Maybe this…

In the Q&A section…

Viktor Bocan confirmed it in his GDS 2015 speech (sorry, czech only)

but he said different combat animations for peasants, knight etc. is something they want to have in the sequel…

To me the combat is interesting. it’s got alot more going on than many games before. Skyrim you hit someone you may aswell hit a wall or tree.

I love the idea of different fighting animations for separate groups peasants, knights etc.

But I’m a realist. Let the company get their first game out. Let them get some financial breathing room and stability.

They took the risk making a game like this when nobody would touch it. They have put in alot of hard work. Let them Enjoy the recognition and pay off they deserve .

Then. Down the road ask these requests for even more. When they can bring something with another innovative step in a direction other Devs with bigger pockets but shitty big publishers cannot go.

I just hope they can squeeze in an easter egg paying homage to one of the greatest warriors ever. Pickle rick.


I don´t know why is this such a big deal - I dont remember any game which already had this in proper way…

I am still unsure about bow vs melee weapon. You know, it is sad that when you are drawing arrow into your opponent who is just few metres in front of you and instead he is not sprinting before you release to strike, or better cover, avoid the shot or run back to create distance, anything but what I see by far. If bow will be able to one-shot anyone into unprotected part of head, and enemies will simply run to you like there is no deadly arrow pointing towards them but rather another melee weapon that can not be thrown or used until they tactically get closer to you.

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This is not dev build but features added to beta, thus we see headshot vs no armor being not 1 hit death. Otherwise if it’s their dev build and they couldnt fix simple mechanics shame for them, tho they had over 1 year to fix combat basics.
overall i only noticed animations being better and DMG HP tweaks done.

sad, I already reported that to devs but they didn’t do anything with weird animations or common sense mechanics.

This game has already expanded to include a lot or all of act 2, they might have changed their minds since then. I can still hold out hope a bit unless there’s something more recent.

I really hope they get rid of the sparks after every hit against swords or armor. Ocassioalyl sparks are fine but as a constant hit indicator it is annoying :frowning:

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