Own a house? Why just a house? Why not to be able

this is forum, if you don’t want feedback, why did you post a thread?

Actually, I would like to see my main character become a knight, and have a family and reture on a plot of land. Then have a son, and then HE becomes the main character and you eventually become a lord of some plot of land, due to generations of breeding and gaining titles/positions. That would be lovely :smiley:

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Hey maybe the next Kingdom Come game released after act 3 of deliverance.

It might be more plausible to buy property and build a house like yeomans in Medieval England. It might be a better side activity/quest.

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Guys, what you are missing here is a crutial point:
Many said now that it would be possible that a free man could be promoted to the rank of knight.
The problem with that is that Henry will most likely not be “free”, being a blacksmiths son and reporting back to his lord (as seen in the 1 hour gameplay video). He most likely would be a serf ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serfdom ), like more than 90% of the population at the time.

As to the idea of him being the bastard son of the king: I doubt a king in that time would “adopt” a bastard son of his who has lived and worked in a villiage for centuries. The damage to his prestige would be too big. He could of course care for him, but not by gifting him a castle.
I think there were many bastards in the medieval age, but very few of them would be granted special rights or treatment. More likely, there existence was tried to kept secret.

You are missing an even more important point here.
Most of the people in this forum didn’t bother to read the KS campaign, or if they did, they didn’t care or simply decided to ignore it. They are attached to the idea that this is a “medieval RPG game with no dragons”, so they want to:
Build their own house or
Buy it or
Own their own castle and
lead the armies of the nation and
plan the strategy
all this in a 1 square lightyear map
becuase they can do that in other “medieval RPG games (but with dragons)”, ignoring everything the devs said (everything but the “no dragons” thing… But give them time, and they begin to claim fo them too!).
So, they didn’t care if Henry is a peasant, a serf, a slave or the King of Avalon. They didn’t care if Henry lives in 1403 Bohemia, in 4000BC Sumer or in 10191BG Arrakis. They only want to go from nobody to the Emperor of the Known Universe in a 3 hours’ game, using katanas, silex knifes and phasers.

If some people would have read thoroughly the campaign and the dozens of discussions here about historical facts, this forum would be almost empty. But nobody cares, so we have to go through hundreds of nonsensic posts full of BS to find a couple of interesting ideas.
Don’t waste your time…


Will be posible to be granted by some noble some land to be worked in some later part of the game?

If by “some later part of the game” you are still referring to Act I, the answer continues to be “no”. You should read, at least [this][1].
If you are referring to Act II or Act III, I can’t tell, but I don’t think so either.
But if you want some land to farm… You have Farmville! :wink:
[1]: FAQ based on Warhorse’s comments on kickstarter/reddit/twitter/other sources

if you were peasant in these time, you could join an army if want to, but you also can ask somebody knight that could he take you in his service and then later promote you as a knight

You hit the nail on the head!

That is your opinion, not my. Be respectful or make your own topic. I really don’t care what do you think if you cannot put that in some respectful way.

Good one :slight_smile: I think you got this from The Guild. That was a great game.

Just play agarest, for gods sake!

Yes, I agree with you. This is a forum, a public forum. We say everything we want. No matter right or wrong (so far I didn’t see any “wrong” post), all these posts are symbols of our passion.

I think your idea is great. However, the dev team’s goal is creating a real medieval world . Therefore, the game will be focusing more on quests and story lines. Although this is a sandbox open world game, we will not have too much freedom.

Many people, including me, were confused by the “sandbox open world” feature. When I heard this feature, the first game comes in my mind is Skyrim. In Skyrim, we probably can do everything we want. However, according to this forum’s “hyperactive” user’s reply, this game will not have those features. This game sounds more like the Assassin’s Creed or Thief games. Players’ main job is finishing all missions.

However, I’m still looking forward seeing housing feature in this game. If the Dev team can’t make it happen in Act I, II, or III, I hope they can make some DLCs that focusing on more interesting features like this one and other good ideas in this forum.

I hope my reply can answer your question, because I asked a similar question few weeks ago.