Own a house? Why just a house? Why not to be able

in latter stages to become a fief lord. Manage castle, people, get income from goods your fiefdom produces. Have your own man-at-arms etc.

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Because you are a lowly blacksmith in nine square kilometers of medieval Bohemia.


I must totally agree with @TOUGHGUY. To rise from this postition to the rank of a lord would be very unrealistic. Of course Henry can and will gain trust and sympathy from some nobles for sure, which will grant him extended rights or privileges, but it would suprise me to see him owning a castle at some point during the story.

Because they want to show a regular and relatively insignificant peasant in the story. You do not possess legendary skills, nor are you the son of a noble family, nor have you been prophesied to come and have a major impact on the string of events. You just happened to get involved.

Because the American Dream did not work in medieval bohemia :slight_smile:


I know what you guys are saying. But it was possible for regular free guy to be promoted into higher rank if he did something BIG. Don’t forget this game is about Game of Thrones :smile: What if the blacksmith saves the king? Just saying…

I’m a czech by origin. North Bohemia. In US just for 16 years.

I was thinking more likely at the ACT 2 or 3. The map may get larger.

I don’t think it’s the matter of map or size of the world. It’s more related to the realism. You could get promoted maybe to become a knight or so, but I doubt that it’s possible to get as high as owning a castle or an army from a blacksmith. I just don’t recall any such situation or scenario in history (but maybe I’m just not knowledgeable enough:D)

wow another one of these threads?

just because you make a dozen threads doesn’t mean there’s demand, it just means there’s a dozen people who don’t know how to read/search.

I believe they said that the maps for acts 2 and 3 will be separate.

What is your problem? At first i have no idea what are you talking about. At second this is a fan forum and i just wrote what i would find in my opinion interesting. What do you want? You want this forum to go exactly according to your expectations or what? Go criticize your kids dud…i’m a little bit old for this.

BTW as is see your are the one overflowing this forum with posts. Not me. So back off.

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I agree. Knight it is.

Because that’s the cool appealing part of this game, you are a nobody.

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Yes, i agree. But from nobody you can be a knight. The story is about nobody getting mixed in high game. Why not to get rewarded for some deeds by promotion to the knighthood?

I agree w/ Amoncz.

There are many realistic ways to write the story so that Henry can own a small castle.

A few possible story ideas:

1. You somehow saved the king (either in battle, or you provided crucial information to the king that somehow saved his life, or you stopped an assassination attempt on the king, etc)

2. Henry finds out he is the bastard son of the king. The king is a good man w/ a good heart and appoints Henry as Lord of a small castle to make-up for the years that he wasn’t “there” for his son. Or the king does this in exchange for his son keeping this secret between themselves since the king doesn’t want his image to be tarnished.

Those are just some of the many ways story-wise to achieve this goal.

On the other hand, I’m also okay with Henry having full access to a smaller castle because in the end it wouldn’t be all that different from owning a castle. Of course you couldn’t benefit from income earned by goods produced by the castle. This is why owning would be better, but at least by having access to a castle it would open up other options like:

1. Being able to defend the castle from raids or invaders.

2. Having a place to sleep, store goods, keep your horse, etc.

3. Raising up or training a small militia.


I’ve done some research and found that Wenceslas is saved but not by someone with Henry as their first name. I think Henry will have some role in saving him but he wont do it solo and he may be knighted afterwards but I think he will stay a man-at-arms. I have a very hard time seeing him owning a castle even in act 3. I’m actually not even sure that he’ll be knighted in act one. Since act two is in a big city it’s likely that the actual saving of the king will happen then.

The devs said, in update #6:

So, why there is still people creating this kind of threads? Can’t you read the gazillion of threads in which this topic is discussed (and dismissed?) Can’t you read the KS campaign at least once?
Again: you will not be able to buy and sell real estate.
How many more times (in the next -almost- two years) we have to read the same lame questions?

You don’t have to read it if it bothers you. That is what i would do rather than to complain. Devs can change plans. It was done many times before.

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medieval times these forest were kings or counts hunting land so if you take hammer and cut tree to make home its maybe unlaw things and guards will punished you…?
but it should be possible to take trees from forest (living world… or what they sayd)
and done own home…? maybe i be wrong…