Own mod not compatible with KCD 1.9 need help

I created a little mod for myself since the launch of KCD that turn Pebble dapple grey coat into grullo coat like Sleipnir.
I just replaced the body id of Pebble by body id of Sleipnir on soul.xml file and replace Pebbles hair color id by 921102 in order to make it black.
I don’t know why but it seems to not be compatible with KCD 1.9, Pebble’s coat is grullo as well but it cause me an error message when I charge a save and I can’t talk to NPC (human or dog) from the last DLC.
As I researched I can’t find anymore the soul.xml file so it may be the source of the problem.
It’s my very first mod and I don’t well understand modding so I need help.
Anyone have a clue to find a way to make it work again?
Thanks a lot!