Padded Coifs are still clipping


Hey just wanted to ask when is the coif clipping going to be fixed? It’s been over 6 months for me, ever since the 1.6 patch, that broke the cosmetics in the game for me and results in many padded coifs clipping clean through the helmets. To me at least it’s immersion breaking and resulted in me putting down the game; but is there ever going to be a fix for it?


If there are clothes clipping, take screenshot of your Henry and of your inventory showing which clothes and send them to the Devs for fixing.


lol coif clipping there are like tens of items what cause clipping with certain items and that is super annoying and havent devs said they cant fix that?


damn im surprised this hasnt been fixed yet lol. so since that was around when i played, why not use a different padded coif. if i remember correctly it was only the very best padded coif that clipped real bad. it drove me nuts also, i remember using the weaker one so it didnt clip. the one i used was not the best but it did have better charisma or something.


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It’s any of them for me. The game was fine for me on launch, but every single single subsequent patch has screwed up the game for me.


Thats bullshit. Just disable loading the coif model when you have helmet equipped. Fixed.


Disable the loading of coif model on console?


This reminds me to my report for the Cotehardie. I hope they fixed it with patch 1.7


The weird effect it has on Henry’s neck? It is still there.

The noble yellow hood is also fucked up.