Patch 1,7 ruined the game once again


Ahh yes missed absent dice playing off my list too. I am grateful thought to see others having issues.


"Do you know if patch 1.7.2 fixed it’
No fix as yet


There are still a lot of bugs, I decided to see if everything was all right. The sound of the dice game remained as miserable as with patch 1.3., In version 1.2 it was much better, and now it’s still as if you mix 1 cube in a mug (even the model mugs on the table are buggy, overlapping one another). Some dice players are silent like fish (text goes, but there is no sound). Inscriptions of some weapons, lying on the ground, move out. Fighting has remained very bad in terms of the fact that during its attacks the enemy stupidly always use special techniques (then i dont see the sense to beat first, stupidly waiting for the enemy to strike or pinch in the clinch). Blocks never learned how to properly implement: after hit, the block is not put at all, you have to wait 3-4 seconds for Indro to raise his left hand, as if he is disabled. How can you block arrow if you dosn’t block yet?!!! And after the hit, if you endlessly poke or pinch the block, then it will never be set at all, you need to make this stupid pause after the hit!
Optimization were never delivered, for 1070 and i7, ssd on high (not very high and not ultra!) They barely pull, sometimes the drawdowns to 40 fps remained. The textures are barely loaded, and the developed still produce HD textures so that everything finally stands up!


I already sent the saves to your support team - they replied they will investigate the issue and let Me know as soon as possible, but i’ts been 2 weeks and no answer. I will check if the newest patch and dlc changed something.


Anyone checked if yesterday’s patch repaired the game?
Because it’s unplayable since 1.7.2.
It’s impossible to play longer than 5 minutes without a freeze… As long as your fucking patches will ruin the saves this game is just broken.