Patch 1.8.1 the level is missing, exiting


after the new patch when trying to start up the game i get this pop up and the game shuts down. anyone got any ideas on how o fix it?


If you are on Steam, try to verify integrity of game files
(right-click on the title, choose properties and in the local files tab it’s 4th form top).


I’ve had the same problem for about a week now. two other people told me they’ve been having similar problems.
I recommend emailing the support team,
Try verifying the game files (if you don’t know how, check this gif that the support team emailed me.)

I don’t expect it to work as I’ve done it twice to no avail. However if enough people are having this problem and they email the support team, they should come out with a patch sooner than later.


arleady tried that a few times didn’t do anything for me. but thanks for the tip!