Patch 1.8 should add HUD customization


No more special HUD configuration for normal and hardcore modes, instead make the HUD fully customizable, no matter which game mode you play. For a most possible immersion I want to remove ugly HUD elements that just gives useless feedback like for example the perk symbols or pop-up messages. I also want to have the possibility to remove the compass, life bars and the yellow dot. To make it even better than just to select between show and hide, there should be a transparency option, that you can select between 0 and 100 % visibility for every HUD element. Or at least steps in 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100%. The yellow dot should also be a lot smaller and white instead yellow. That would look less ugly. It should only be an indicator to mark the center of the screen and it should be as minimalistic as possible.

This is very important for the experience in Bohemia.



Please don’t forget this. Otherwise you don’t need to release the patch.


Yeah I had this thought too. I’m playing on hardcore so the compass is basically a useless piece of screen being used