Patch 2.0 and mod support

Do you think there will be patch 2.0 with the release of mod support and will there be an opportunity to change and improve the graphics in tools with the release of mod support (I would like to return the trees and vegetation from the beta version, as well as the soft lighting and fog that was in beta).

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I really hope the same.

  1. Add new elements to the game
  2. Swap current assets
  3. Use SKALD to create new quests
  4. Create graphic overhaul mods
    (No Steam workshop atm because GOG doesn’t have so Warhorse decided to collaborate with Nexusmods)


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Great news! Do you think it will be possible now to return the forests and vegetation that was in the beta version, there the forests were like real ones. If it were realized, then this game would become the most beautiful of all that I saw, especially the forest. When I played the beta version, I hoped that the whole map would be like that, but as a result, the forests in the release version were completely different from those in the beta version.

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I need to be able to like this post more than once. :heart:


Finally. Great news.
Hopefully this will make it possible to restore the beta forest, polygons, lighting, textures and fog!
And give us the source code in addition to the modding tools please.

If people can recreate or redesign them in comparison to the beta it should be possible.
Or still the last known solution, someone need to write an extraction tool for the beta package file version/encryption.
Maybe as a little suprise/gift WH will release a tool for that on Day 1 of DevKit :smile::laughing::sweat_smile:

I would also love to have some autumn vegetation. Summer green is a bit boring.
Beta forest autumn edition.:heart:


That is true. The graphics are nice but always the same green colors.

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Patch 1.9.3 is that one with the mod support. So no additional bug fixes? No big patch 2.0? Or call it 1.10.