Patched Game breaking bug returned


PS4 , latest Patch , all DLC installed. Did everything and i mean everything possible before the Coin Quests in Sassau.
Now after i did the DLC with Sir Hans Capon and his Love Quest im unable to Damage enemies or anything with my Main Weapon. Only Bows do Damage. And no im not underleveled in fact im Max Level.and i wont reload an old save. i already lost to much time with all the bugs combined.
im really mad now and deleted the Game for good now, i was so close to get the Platnium Trophy because i enjoyed it even when thinks broke but this , now , No im done. in 4 different playthroughs of this game and easily over 200 Hours its the last straw i wont be playing this game anytime soon, goodbye


When did this latest patch come out?



This sounds like a problem with collision models. Try to

*Load you latest game
*Unequip your weapons
*Save the game again
*Restart the game completely
*Start the game
*Load the game you created
*Equip your weapons

Let me know if this helped.