Pausable cut-scenes and cinematics


I want to propose this:
Pausable cut-scenes and cinematics in Deliverance. If you ever played Red Dead Redemption, you most definitely noticed how convenient is the option to pause the in-game movies. Many games do not offer this tiny but useful option and had me forced to replay part of the game only to see the missed movie.
For example imagine that your phone rings and you must answer, but at the same time you are watching a very interesting cut-scene on the screen. Instead of pressing “ESC” and just skipping it, the game should PAUSE and offer an option to skip the scene if you really don’t want to watch it. Just like in RDR.
Thank you for your attention. I’m sure the Devs will make the in-game videos pausable.


Yup. I support this.


On top of that I would suggest an option to watch cutscenes every time you want right in the menu. Many games have an “Extras” section for that, maybe together with artworks and screenshots…


Good idea. Never occurred to me before now, but it would be pretty useful.


I support this. This is a most now a days.


Nice little idea, but I won’t reject my support if it wouldn’t be implemented. E.g. the mentioned “Extras”-section can mostly be found, or (as I sometimes did) switching to desktop may do the trick sometimes as well. :wink:
Alas, that doesn’t mean your suggestion is totally bollocks. ^^


I like this idea too.
I’ve seen this in other games, but not most of them, unfortunately.


Good idea, and also give access to the menu and options during cinematics. Often an RPG starts with a big cinematic… in the wrong language, wrong resolution, with the wrong volume… but you can’t change the options to make it right.


Yep! Definitely a great idea, one that many games tend to forget about and it’s a mistake.
You know why? People, who are learning / don’t know that much of English.

To many of you (native speakers mainly) it may sound a bit funny, but lots of people actually start learning english initially because of the foreign games they play and movies they watch. And, simultaneously, movies and games do help many learners to get a proper grasp of the foreign language outside their language lessons (which usually teach you only the plain theory without enough practice anyway).
Even a bit historically-themed English is a very valuable experience to learn someting from to someone who’s not native to the language. If you can keep up the pace of the dialogue going on…

I’m speaking from my own experience. Being Czech, at a certain point I made myself a rule to avoid playing any games in Czech localizations whenever possible (if they’re not in the language by origin) and to play the English version instead.
Let’s just say… it really helped A LOT. :smiley:
And even though I already got way past the point where I would need anything like this, the pausing option would still remain a very helpful feature for many other people (there are always some new language-beginners out there…).

I still remember when some 15-20 years back I didn’t really know much English and I always struggled to get as much as I can from at least the subtitles, which was quite troublesome at times, when the dialogues were running on a very swift pace. With a movie, you can always pause (or jump back) and read everything you need if the subs are too long and run too fast, but in games… you can pause only sometimes and there are usually no rewind options (oh, those good old games like Baldur’s Gate, where you had at least the most recent bunch of dialogue lines stashed in the dialogue window… nostalgia!).


Requests so far:

  • pausable cutscenes
  • skipable cutscenes
  • replayable cutscenes (in menu)
  • logging of dialogue and content happening/mentioned in cutscenes (maybe literally or maybe as a summary in the journal/diary?)

Have I missed something?


I very much support these ideas, especially the pausable cutscenes.

I might be wrong here, but I seem to remember that many old games actually had the “cutscenes” option in the menu, it kind of feels like this has somehow gone out of style. (I can’t imagine it would be a huge problem programming-wise)


From the kickstarter video I have a feeling that there are some parts which would be ruined/made too easy if you could pause during them (During dialogue, when you have to answer within time limit. Maybe fight in the middle of being attacked.) But such places shouldn’t last too long and I think that you should be able to pause the game anywhere else. It is annoying when you are in the middle of cutscene and have to do something else. That cutscene is lost to you if you can’t pause or replay.


Dialogue and cutscenes are not the same thing. A cutscene is something thay doesn’t require an interaction by the player.

Dialogues are usually auto-paused since the player chooses an answer. There could be a countdown for certain crucial dialogue option to increase the tension and yeah, they hinted that in the kickstarter video. But as I said that is not the same thing as a cutscene… :wink:


Screw it, let me pause wherever. The entire videogamy idea that my brain will process written bits of answers under a time limit in a same way as, you know, an actual answer is pretty stupid anyway and I need to run off from my keyboard quite often.

As for pausable cutscenes themselves, I consider them a standard which should be upheld by every videogame created, just as a little button ‘Skip cutscene’ after it gets paused. It’s just bloody basic courtesy that devs should give their players who have payed for their products - there’s very few things which one can objectively say that every game needs, but this is definitely one of them.


sounds like a great idea


I understand perfectly what you saying. Prefer to be able to pause ALL cutscenes and every dialog (which may pause itself until answered by player) with an exclusion of those rare dialogs, where you must act quickly and decisively in time limit.


Thank you for your support.
Hope @warhorse will do it :smile:


Good news, I am pretty sure that they accidentally paused a cutscene for a second HERE.

By the way, what do you think about the current state of cut-scenes?
Check out this 5,5 minutes from E3 2017:

I think that actors did a good job and it shows in the game. Acting feels natural and convincing to me. Lip-syncing is not great, but it does not ruin it for me personally. Obviously, they will keep polishing until release, but what do you think so far? Current dialogue system needs a lot of new animations for NPCs though. They look too stiff at the moment.


That wasn’t “accidentally paused.” That was just poor performance of the code. A hardware stutter.

As for how the game is looking, the E3 build was a big improvement over previous versions, and the release will be better still. I reserve final judgement until release, but am quietly optimistic.


You may be right, but watch what @TobiTobsen is doing with his right arm. I can clearly hear a keyboard pressing sounds just when it pauses, and than when it starts again… Who knows, he is probably jumping to some other application on secondary monitor.