[PC] 3/4 of NPC without boots and half missing textures or polygons

Hello, I am facing the problem where most of NPCs don’t have boots, half of them are missing textures and some of them are missing part of their bodies. I tried already sweeping the settings from low to high, I changed only texture settings, I’ve put countless different user.cfg found on this forum and elsewhere, deleted the shader and profile directories to restart again, waited 5 minutes for things to load, changed on the console every textures param I could find… I even downloaded the HD res pack, which lol, made things a little bit better (very counter intuitive in my mind).

I am playing the game from steam (downloaded a week ago so latest patch I guess) on PC, on 1080p res, installed on a SSD (there seems to be people saying this is the problem), 32 gb of ram, GPU AMD RX 5700 XT and CPU Ryzen 3700X. I play with no mods, I am very early in the game.

Everything else is running smoothly, I can see textures of the landscape miles away and there is almost no lag or FPS drop. This bug seems to be sparing Henry which is fully HD (and cut scenes are 100% good) but the immersion is null and makes the game unplayable for me. That is a shame because it looks interesting.

If anyone could help, at this point I feel like it seems very specific to my system, it would very appreciated.