PC Bug - Couldn't talk to Jakob at the horse stables

Just wanted to inform of a bug. I got to the part where I had to question jakob about ginger’s whereabouts and the talk button was greyed out. I looked this up and someone suggested saving and reloading, so i did. Once the game reloaded, the guard standing next to jakob starting having a conversation with him (which wasn’t happening before the save and reload). Once the conversation finished, I was able to talk to him.

That sounds like a relatively minor bug, and I doubt the developers will do anything about it. I’m glad you were able to continue the quest though! Here’s a hint for “Ginger In A Pickle”: go to the charcoal burners’ camp to the northwest of Neuhof, just north of an East-West river. Going directly to that camp will save you a lot of time running around to the incorrect ones.