PC compared to Console


I have completed KCD on console, but I want to go through it again.

Is it worth buying KCD again on PC? Is it that much better? Thanks.


I can´t compare, but from what I´ve read it is better on PC. (sometimes it seems to me that it is unplayble on consoles :smiley: )


I’ve never had a “serious” problem playing on a bog standard PS4.

Certainly had a few bugs where I’ve had to look them up on the internet to work my way round them, but never anything game breaking.


Wait for mod support on PC then it should easily outdo Skyrim, if your PC can handle a higher res then that’s another contributing factor to whether you should get it, it’s beautiful on ultra settings and adds a whole new aspect to the game, sight seeing.


Yes it is… It’s much better on PC. And even though there aren’t offical mod tools yet there are still a few out there that really help balance the game, economy, graphics, etc. Also there were just some new ENB’s released and there are reshades that make the game look amazing.


The game on max settings looks amazing on ultra anyways


True… I’m running the apex reshade and ENB and it is pretty damn amazing though, but yea just the vanilla game is amazing.