PC game crashes on splash screen

Well, it just does not work for more than year. No errors, just exists after splash screen. I already switched my video card from AMD one to NVIDIA RTX 2070. Tried to reinstall game, compatibility modes and etc.
Steam overlay is turned off.

kcd.log (6.6 KB)
kcd_launcher.log (377 Bytes)
whdlversions.txt (635 Bytes)
ce2dump.dmp.txt (128.1 KB)

Dont forget to rename ce2dump.dmp.txt to ce2dump.dmp if you wish to browse dump file.

Hi, do you have a Roccat mouse on your system?

No. I do not even have any ‘peripheral’ software running. Also tried to disconnect mouse, keyboard, headset. The game simply does not work.

@ProkyBrambora any Chance to figure out what cases the crash? ce2dump.dmp available.

@Aby. Sorry no News here. Holiday time. What About the latest update. Still a crash with it?

i cant play it either and have only had the game for three weeks and am now getting this error