Performance issues and Crashes


Specs are as follows;
gtx 1070 8GB Oc
Samsung 500GB ssd
Strix z270e
At 1440p

I have terrible FPS issues and popin issues. i play at 1440p and i can barely get the game to run smooth at low settings. I also get loads of crashes when i try and change the actual settings… The game also tells me that i have 4Gb of Vram when it actually has 8 ?

Worst part about all this is that i had previously installed it and the game worked fine at 1440p and i played around 28 hours no problem. I had to reinstall the game after a windows 10 problem and now i cannot get the game to perform at fraction of what it was.

Anybody got afew helpful answers for me or fixes, i would really appreciate it.




I have the same issue, i hate it so much and this is the EXACT reason i quit when the game first came out in feb 2018. Im now on a bigger and better pc than i was last year, and yet i still get 15-45 fps especially in towns like Rattay even at all lows and 1920 x 1080 , and the game is also telling me i can only use 4gb of dedicated ram despite having 8gb of dedicated vram (gtx 1070ti), i even tweaked the CFG file to force the game to recognize the 8gb VRam but it just wont…

my specs:
I9-9900k @4.8 ghz
gtx 1070ti w/ 8 gb VRAM
32 gb ram
1 Tb m.2 SSD

Ive already sent a support ticket to the devs , you should too and push for an answer , because our rigs are certainly good enough to get a solid 30-60 fps on HIGHS , at least on 1920 x 1080, 1440p or HD maybe pushing the 1070ti too much but even then we should be getting decent frames… not like these trash frames that are so chuggy i can barely move in the right lighting and weather conditions.

My user.cfg file :
r_vsync= 0

r_ssdo = 0

r_antialiasingmode = 0

r_texturesStreamPoolSize = 8000

e_shadowsPoolSize = 8000

r_sharpening = 0

e_shadowsmaxtexres = 1024

r_supersampling = 0

sys_budget_videomem = 8080

sys_main_CPU = 4

sys_physics_CPU = 6

sys_streaming_CPU = 8

r_texturestreamingmipbias -3



Thanks for commenting ! Last night i decided that i would just have all things on low but have the draw distance around 50%. I also tried to force it to use the 8GB but it didn’t either.
Even with all settings on low the game doesn’t look too bad but the popins just ruined it. peoples shaders for their skin would pop in at very close range and the sky just pops in aswell! 20190208001034_1|690x388 After this i just un-installed the game and ill just wait until wither the Devs actually do some optimization (that makes an actual difference) and take care of their customers. Is a real shame as i really enjoyed this game in the 30 hours i played.

Thanks for sharing your settings :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the comment Gerard. I tried one again after re downloading and installing on my fastest ssd to get the game to work. All low settings at 1440p the fps that i got was disgusting a mere 20 - 30 frames in the cities and 40 and up in the countryside. I have tried using the user.cfg and modifying settings but to no avail seems to make no difference at all. I have given up on this game and ill just wait until they can be bothered to fix it.



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Yeah im going to wait and hope that the next driver update could help. I really don’t understand why it runs so bad for me and many others with Gtx 1070’s. It also doesnt help that getting support is near impossible ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



How does your pc handle other games? Can you see in like task manager or msi afterburner what is working at 100%? Do you use dual channel ram? And how much?



It handles all my other games perfectly. I checked task manager just incase its using 1 core to 100% capacity but its not that. i do use dual channel and i have 16GB or Corsair Ven at 3000hz. nothing in the task manager is at 100% :frowning:



Edit. Nevermind.



So I upgraded my gpu to a RTX 2060 … Still the same shitty performance. I don’t understand how this gamer can perform on such a capable card. all I want is medium graphics no popins and stable 60fps at 1440p.



Maybe let this run and post the result here. You can see how your system compares to other users with the same hardware. after running this the software will open a webpage, copy paste it here.



Hi @OwnedonLiquid here is a ref Video with 1440p and RTX 2060.
What FPS did you get with the same Settings?